Saturday, 14 July 2007

After the first week at JUDE...

  • Moni-da's canteen ROCKS. It's not the food- the food is ordinary. It's just that one can't help liking the place, inspite of all the flies. It has a charm of its own. And Moni-da's canteen is always the first place we rush to after Hons. classes. (They suck the energy out of us! We need Moni-da's canteen to rewind!!) And not an hour has gone by this week when I have not mentioned Moni-da's canteen atleast once... (Much to the chagrin of Shreya and Pujarini!)
  • I looooove the ledge! It's the best place to just sit around and chat about random things.
  • It's strange, but I somehow feel I belong here. Does that sound weird? I've waited all my life to get here, and I walked in on the first day with apprehension- but it just seems so natural!
  • Looks like I'm going to enjoy studying in JU. To be very honest, I always thought the English standard in school was waay below me (except for certain texts like 'The Old Man And The Sea' and 'Arms And The Man'). Now when I look at the texts I'm going to be studying, I feel like I've got something I can sink my teeth into. Not literally, of course. I gave up eating paper a long time ago.
  • You know what I like most about JU? The whole atmosphere is so free! Everything's allowed! And no one gives a second glance. It's too chilled out for words. As opposed to other colleges where there are rules everywhere you look!
  • I thought I would let atleast a month or so go by before I bunked my first class. Old habits die hard, I guess. I bunked a class on Wednesday itself.
  • On a more serious note, the campus has waaaayyy too much smoke. There are cigarettes everywhere you look. "Thank you for smoking", it seems JU has taken it seriously.
  • Thought I would have trouble making friends. But it was nowhere as bad as I imagined. Shreya, Pujarini and I have already formed a little threesome, and apart from that- I've gotten to know a few others in the department. Not bad.
  • Yes, I love it here!


Shreya said...

love the way you have put it all down so perfectly...hope we have some great times together in jude!

Dream Baron said...

Ok...Great....Now how about posting a good quality public read...that is a good piece of are a part of JUDE!!!!!!!!!

Astraeus said...

JU just seems to be the perfect home for everyone, u need not be a part of it Ju but once u enter u feel at home

i remeber one of mha frnds who came to Ju form xaviers told me it had such a filial atmosphere unlike the plastic one at their campus
The english standard at CBSE is the lowest compared to nething, i wonder what is the mindset of these people who set the texts

on a last note, monidas was mah fav hangout during the initial days for me too but now i divide time between milanda and monida, try them both

Priyanka Kumar said...

someone's smitten, bless you. now stop gushing and write some darn poetry.

you realise i'm saying this because i'm a jealous rat.

Lucid Darkness said...


Very nice indeed!

I love the way you've expressed yourself here.

Dream Baron said...

If liking good english brands me as smitten then i just spent my Twenti fifth anniversary

little boxes said...

shreya is d best pal you could have and i admit,i am jealous!!
apart from that...hope ur having a great time...
n believe me,goin by what you say,this is just the beginning

Elendil said...

The freedom is beautiful, but you have to be careful or can slip. That aside, this place is heaven. Welcome aboard.

Rajarshi said...

i somehow get the idea that you like JUDE...