Saturday, 7 July 2007

I made it...

This is where I belong now - JUDE.
(Isn't it nice when something you've always dreamed of falls right into your lap?)
I passed the acid test. Proved I AM good enough. Proved to others. And more importantly, proved to myself.
Jadavpur University, Department of English- here I come!
As of now, I am starting a new chapter in my life. College.
It still feels surreal. Being part of the BEST English department around.
That's where I belong now - JUDE.


snazzy jargon said...

yes since i am in the same place as you are,i so identify...its a wonderful feeling,as you said-"surreal"!

Dream Baron said...

Great!!!! All the best!!!
I am a mute witness of your blog.
Now that u r a part of JU let's have some good quality public read

little boxes said...

congrats...and all the best for all the good times that beckon!!!

Soumya said...

is there a reason why they have a big scary monster yeti-type-thingy as their mascot????

Priyanka Kumar said...

good going, yeah! and if i do make it next year, you'd better not rag me.

Rajarshi said...

what does the slogan mean?? and why doesn't the mascot clip his toe nails??

Lucid Darkness said...


Getting something you had been longing for has a dream-like quality in it.

All the very best!

Dream Baron said...

Yeti????? That would be a compliment!!!!!!
It looks like a cross between a wear-wolf and Michael Jordan wearing aviator glasses