Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Delhi-Agra Trip. Day 1: Thursday

Things have really moved fast. Booked the tickets on Wednesday morning, packed in the afternoon, confirmed everything in the evening- and next morning, we are on our way to the capital. Great idea! Good that Ma doesn't have work for the next few days.
Flight is pretty much uneventful. I get the window seat. Woohoo!
Air hostess announces that its 29 degrees outside. Guppy, you idiot, you said it was 10-15 degrees, that it was cold, and I should carry sweatshirts!
We land in IGI Airport, claim luggage, and then go outside to look for a chaffeur holding up a placard that says "Mala Dasgupta". Instead we find Guppy holding up a poster he made himself, with our pictures on it, saying roughly something like this: "Welcome- have a good time!" Ma is beside herself with laughter. I giggle quite a lot myself. We unload suitases into the car, drive to guest house, dump stuff, and then go out again. Guest house isn't too fancy, but it isn't bad either. It'll do.
We hit Nirula's. I've never been there before. But heard loads about it. And now I speak from knowledge when I say their Big Boy Cheese Burger is yummy! Of course, the Chocolate Fudge Sundae is an experience in itself.
Nirula's- PLEASE, open an outlet in Calcutta!
Feeling stuffed to the brim, we drop Guppy off at work, and set out for Indira Gandhi Memorial. We reach just as it closes, so it's India Gate next on the list for us.
See quite a lot of stuff on the way. We see the MP quarters, where a scene of Rang De Basanti was shot- impressive! We see North Block and South Block- where the MPs and other politicians sit. We see Rashtrapati Bhawan, and Parliament House.
And then- we see India Gate in the distance.
It's lovely. I feel small and insignificant. The writing on the top is very moving indeed. There is a guard standing stiff and straight, a la the Buckingham Palace guards.
We strike up a friendship with a mehendi-girl. I take a picture of her, and she asks to see it. She's not too happy with it though, thinks she could have looked better.
It's getting dark now. We get into the car again, and drive to Connaught Place. Divya meets us there, and takes us to Janpath. It's pretty ordinary. Nothing there that isn't here in Calcutta. I like a pair of harems, but I don't buy it. Who knows if it'll look good on me?
Speaking so much Hindi is beginning to take its toll on me. I'm not used to it. Divya wants to give the driver directions, asks to speak to him, I tell him, "Aap phone pe baat kijiye. Divya aapko bulati hain."
Needless to say, driver gives me a strange look.
Dammit- MUST learn Hindi!
Go to Guppy's place in the evening. He lives like a slob. He defends himself by saying it's only a temporary arrangement. So what? I know I'd like my things neat and tidy, even if it was only a temporary arrangement. Ma throws herself into the landlady's arms, greets her like she's her long-long sister. Divya stuffs her face into the packet of chips and runs out of the house to laugh in peace outside.
Ma, Ma- WHY are you so funny???
Then it's back to the guest house. It's been a great day.
Point to be noted- what's up with my hair? It's being smooth and silky, and very manageable. Not behaving like itself at all. Time to ponder on the point.
The last time I was in Delhi, it was only a stopover- couldn't see any of it. This time, I shall get to. Yaay!
Am tired to the bone. I hit the sack. Day 1 is over.


Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

you should have bought the harem pants (so that we in calcutta could laugh at you), and haggled for them in hindi (so that people in delhi could laugh at you).

Rajarshi said...

and that was just day one??

^*^Clouds^*^ said...


But,about your hair..temme what you did to it..Pleaseee...

Dream Baron said...

"slice of italy" is great!!!!!!!!!!!!