Friday, 16 November 2007

Supersonic Overdrive!

Hello little boys, little toys
We're the dreams you're believing
Crawling up the walls
Running down your face...

Dammit- I just can't get it out of my head!

Razor sharp, razor clean
Feel the weapon's sensation
On your back
With loaded guns!

Talk about addictive...
I find myself singing these lines while I'm cooking, lacing up my Converse sneakers, or even brushing my teeth.

Now hold on to me, pretty baby
If you want to fly
I'm gonna melt the fever, sugar
Rolling back your eyes...

Ever get a song into your head that you simply can't get out? One that you wouldn't want to get out too- because it's just too darn catchy?
Le Disko is stuck in my head now. For lesser enlightened ones, it's this amazing song by Shiny Toy Guns- that was featured in the MotoRazr 2 ad.
The lyrics just get me inside- know what I mean?

We're gonna ride the race cars
We're gonna dance on fire
We're the girls Le Disko
Supersonic overdrive...

"Supersonic Overdrive". I have had that as my Gtalk status display for a while now. And believe me, I'm one to change status displays as frequently as... Erm.. Well, just frequently. (For want of a good simile.)

So what's it gonna take?
Silver shadow believer
Spock rocker with your dirty eyes
It's a chance gonna move
Gonna fuck up your ego
Silly boy gonna make you cry...

"Silver shadow believer"... I am just speechless. Does it get you tapping your feet, or what??!

If what they say is true...
You're a boy - and I'm a girl
I will never fall in love with you.

I love this song! Every time I hear it, it makes me want to get up and dance!
It's official- this song is my latest addiction.

And it's not just me- I've made someone else crazy about it too. Feels nice to spread the joy.

Oh, and by the way- this blog post is for
you. I guess you know why. *wink*


Joe B R said...

I shall take a bow and hail a beer for me and an ice cream soda for you as a toast to our friendship and new found; hopefully long lasting addiction to Le Disco

Fishy! said...

It's Le DisKo!!

Joe B R said...

oh sorry, messed up there.

Elendil said...

Heh. Just one song? This happens to me all the time. I sometimes go to sleep with a song in my head, and wake up with it still playing.

Ps: Yes, the song is pretty cool.

Shreya said...

i love this song!:Dits got this ability to just be constantly so stuck in your head!

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

i totally agree. its catchy as hell. also this song called supermassive black hole by muse. makes my head start moving automatically.

little boxes said...

i love it too man...
the other day "soulmate" did a cover on it...and man it rocked!!

Joé B R said...

hah! now yeh fellas know what it was for us to be just HIT by it. bloody hell, i'd gone mental. humming it even when going to bed and where not!

Joé B R said...
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