Friday, 25 January 2008

The first rain of the year.

The splash of puddles. The smell of raindrops. Paper boats floating down the road. Muri and alur chop. The flash of colour in the raincoats that children wear. Getting drenched in the little drops of ecstasy that pour down from the heavens.
Today marked the first rain of the year. Unexpected, early, yet lovely.
There's a nice chill in the air. Ideal to curl up under a quilt and listen to the pitter-patter of rain outside.
It's beautiful- rain. It's romantic. It's friendly. It's calming. And it always makes me feel much better about life in general.
Rain- it seems to wash away all the evil in the world. It leaves behind such a fresh, new feeling. It rinses out all the bitterness and sadness, somehow. And it leaves behind a sense of completeness.


The Randomly Insane said...

Yes. It's all very good for people who did not get caught in the rain. People who did cursed it like hell.

the soliloquist said...

I absolutely agree, Brinda.
The first rains were Lovely.

@the Randomly insane
I did get caught up in the rain.I still think the drizzle was great. Refreshing and magical.

Fishy! said...

@ The Randomly Insane: I did get caught in the rain, somewhat. :P

@ The Soliloquist: Yes, the first rain was lovely! Mmm...

The Randomly Insane said...

Did you get caught in blasted downpour? Or just light drizzle?

:: Clouds :: said...

And yes, some of us caught a bad cold.

First cold of the year. ;)

Plus, the rain made me all nostalgic about leaving school. :(

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

the weather's brilliant. for the first time in kolkata i breathed vapour. how nice is that? i only get to do it in the hills otherwise.

i hope it gets colder. bwahah. we should have weather like this all the time.

Fishy! said...

@ The Randomly Insane: Something in the middle of both.

@ Clouds: I miss school, too! But once you get into college, you'll stop missing it too much.

@ Doubletake, Doublethink: I've breathed vapour in Calcutta before, I don't exactly remember when. But yeah, we should have weather like this all the time.

Esmo said...

normally i like rain.i really do...but this time i fervently wished for it to sod off and mind its own business!!!!
but yeah it did cool things down a bit more ways than one..sigh!!!!!

Fishy! said...

@ Esmo: Aww, there there.