Monday, 4 February 2008

No Broadband!!!

Something's wrong with the Broadband! I am on from my BSNL connection.
Just a quick how-de-do.
Finally finished 'Things Fall Apart', by Chinua Achebe. It's too brilliant for words. Okonkwo is definitely one of THE most complex characters I have come across. The book's great. The ending really makes you think- that's probably the best definition of a good book. A must-read.
Bought two books last week- Mary Shelley's 'The Last Man', and Somerset Maugham's 'Of Human Bondage'. Have started reading the latter. Liking it much-much so far. :)
Need to take membership of a library soon.
What else is new? Umm.. I can now make proper rice, getting rid of the 'phana'! Quite an achievement.
3 more driving classes left. Wheee!!
Mustered up enough courage to try my hand at our Zen again. It was pretty good. Smooth as butter. Compared to the rickety old Maruti 800 I've been driving at the training classes, ANYTHING would be good. *smirks*
All for now. Connection is acting up.


Esmo said...

your broadband probably has a loose connection or a loose motion or a similar exotic illness..keep complaining!!!!
and keep driving fishy...its too awesome for words..especially when u get all confident and can zoom about like the proverbial hare with its hair on fire!!!!

:: Clouds :: said...

*same pinch*
Even my broadband is giving probs. :(

eh??? said...

you get 2 drive i don't...not fair... :(

Fishy! said...

@ Esmo: I don't want to zoom about! The thought scares me.

@ Clouds: My Broadband is fine now! :)

@ Eh???: Yeah well... :P

JoƩ B R said...

ive said before and i will do it again-
take your internet connection, take a deep breath and FLING it off the roof top as far as you can.

Fishy! said...

@ Joe BR: Well, it's working now. :P