Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Alphabet Tag

I have been tagged by Little Boxes, so here goes:
A - "And Then There Were None". My favourite Christie book. Even now, if I read it late at night, I get chills that run up and down my spine.
B - Badminton. Somehow, I just never learnt to play it properly.
C - Cats! I adore them- all shapes, all sizes, and all colours.
D - Daffy Duck. Don't you just love that idiotic cartoon character? *grin*
E - Ecstasy. I mean the feeling, NOT the drug!
F - "Frankenstein". One of the best books I've ever read. A truly great classic.
G - Guppy. Copywriter, joker, writer, friend- Everything.
H - Home. That's where the heart is.
I - Italian food. Especially pasta! Yum yum.
J - Johnny Depp. Actor par excellence, and the man who oozes charm and sex appeal. Also for Julio Iglesias- the man with the Voice of Velvet.
K - Kosha mangsho. With roti and raita. *drools*
L - Love. It does make the world go round.
M - Ma. Guardian angel, friend, counsellor. I cannot express what she means to me.
N - Nyakami. A unique trait in some people that I find extremely abhorrent.
O - Oregano. It's so versatile. You can add it to pizza, to chicken, to pasta, even to ommelettes!
P - Pink Floyd. The greatest band ever. Period.
Q - Quilt. The ultimate comfort on cold winter nights.
R - Rain. I love the sound of rain falling, the smell of the earth just after it's rained, and the delicious coolness it brings...
S - Shelley. His poetry was complete genius.
T - Tuna. Me or The Fish? I leave it to you...
U - University. Specifically JUDE. A home away from home.
V - Vanilla icecream. With chocolate chips. Better than anything else.
W - Writing. I'd be lost without it. Be it blogging, writing articles, or snippets in my Diary- or random stuff, I don't know what I'd do without it.
X - X-rated Hindi movie titles. They're hilarious!
Y - Yellow. I look terrible in all its shades. You will never catch me wearing it.
Z - Zach. Somehow, I've always loved the name.
I tag anyone who wants to do this.


Anonymous said...

See here or here

:: Clouds :: said...

Enjoyed doing it,didn't you?

By the way,even I *drool* over Kosha Mangsho with roti and raita

Elendil said...

Zach? Interesting. I will inform him of your interest.

little boxes said...

nicely done...
and yes,i was accused of writing too much about in this tag,but now that i have seen yours,i find company :)

little boxes said...

writing too much about *food*,i meant

panu said...

i just had kosha mangsho today. needless to say i feel exceptionally happy.

Fishy! said...

@ Clouds: It's the most amazing meal ever! Vegetarians don't know what they are missing...

@ Elendil: You KNOW a Zach???

@ Little Boxes: Hehe!

@ Panu: Well yeah, kosha mangsho DOES bring exceptional happiness with it!

Elendil said...

No, I don't. But maybe you do, eh? ;) Say, you like Frankenstein too huh? I did it in insane detail in UG1.

Fishy! said...

@ Elendil: I fell in love with the book 'Frankenstein' when I read it. It's simply too brilliant for words.

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

oye, where the hell do you get the oregano? my regular supplier doesn't have it anymore. i have the basil all right but oregano i can't find anywhere.

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

and i just realised what this comment looks like. 'regular supplier', hah.

Pongy Papaya said...

tuna..besh upobhog korechish nah tag ta?
aami jerom kerom test r moto niyechilam :p
but..v nice

Fishy! said...

@ Doubletake, Doublethink: There's a shop in my para that sells oregano. :P

@ Pongy Papaya: This is Sreeparna, I guess?

Rajarshi said...

"Me or the fish?"

I though you were the fish!

Pongy Papaya said...

nah re noe toh :p
seta k abar?:o
m monami u c !

Fishy! said...

@ Rajarshi: I am, but there's also a fish called Tuna that ISN'T me.

@ Pongy Papaya: Oh Monami! Sorry, thought you were someone else.
Achha... Since when do you have a blog?? Shall link you.

Pongy Papaya said...

blog ei toh kichudin..yes linking you re..tuio kor:p

JoƩ B R said...

x rated hindi movie titles eh?

heres one

pati fauj mein aur biwi mauj mein