Saturday, 23 August 2008

The Rant.

Life is messed up.
Relationships are fucked up.
Does anything ever really last?
Maybe all that's there of life is this huge black hole that swallows us all up in the end.
What I need to do is just fade away into the obscurest parts of obscurity, so that nothing and no one can ever affect me again.


zephyr said...

yes Somethings really donot last. But don't think about it; just take what you get there and make the most out of it as possible. That's what I have come to believe.

and about the black hole in the end, it's a matter of perspective so no comment on that.
Also listen to "Tears and Rain" by blunt.

Reeti said...

eeks...this sounds like one of my posts!

you'll get through it...and then there'll be sunshine all over again :D

Fishy! said...

@ Zephyr: I have heard it, thanks.

@ Reeti: Absolutely. Everyone has moments. We all get through it, it just takes time. It's all a recovery process. :)

cyber monkey said...

haha! emo.!! :D
but *bighug* anyway.:)

Moon Strummer said...

awww.. takecare of yourself.
*tightest hug*

Fishy! said...

@ Cyber Monkey: NOT emo. :P *hugback*

@ Moonstrummer: I will. And right back at you. :)

little boxes said...

things have their way of looking up once they hit the rock bottom...
and there is no problem in the world that cant be solved with a hot shower,a bit of chocolate cake and a small prayer for things to get alright :)
take care

Astraeus said...

Nothing lasts!
its not meant to
thank god it doesnt

btw, my new unlisted blog is:

Astraeus said...

P.S u could try listening to cry by blunt aswell

Tygr Tygr Burning Bright said...

things never do become ok.
but they do become better.
the darkest night comes before the break of dawn.

btw. werent you getting some mush?

Fishy! said...

@ Little Boxes: Those are wonderful cures, yes. *hug*

@ Astraeus: Things do last, some things. It depends. And yes, I'd linked you before. :)

@ Tygr Tygr Burning Bright: I still am. *grin*