Sunday, 31 August 2008

To Guppy.

I've been wanting to write this for a long time now, but I simply haven't been able to put what I want to say into words. What can I say for someone who's been there for me every moment of my life? What can I possibly write for someone who is not just an older brother- but a friend, philosopher, guide of sorts?
I remember you teaching me how to ride my first tricycle, and how I cried when you wouldn't get off. I remember walking hand-in-hand with you through the streets of New Alipore when I was just four. I remember you going out to play cricket in my skirt, thinking they were your shorts. I remember you acing the JUDE exam, and being known as "that fellow who wrote a poem for his essay". I remember you writing and directing your own play, and making a special mention of my chocolate cakes, onstage. I remember 22nd November, 2003, and how you became a man overnight. I remember watching Ma hold you as you had an epileptic fit in the wee hours of the morning, and worrying that we were going to lose you. I remember you getting the job in Ogilvy, and leaving familiar terrorities to brave the terrors of a new city.
And now I see you, with the life you've built up for yourself, enjoying work, life and love. I hear you telling me what you've cooked, and how you're running your own little household. Do you know how proud I am of you? How proud I feel when I think how you've grown up? When I say to someone, "Guppy? Oh yeah, he's my brother", I actually get a rush of delight.
You have always been so much more to than just an older sibling. You've been a mentor of sorts. An inspiration. Someone I could always turn to if needed. A friend I could take relationship advice from.
There are those who love being an only child, those who can't imagine having a brother or sister. Me- I cherish it. I love that you're in my life. I love that you can tease me, cheer me up with your sense of humour, and make Ma smile when she needs it.
Thank you for being the best older brother I could ever hope to have.


JoƩ B R said...

couldnt have put it better.
this post's been worth the wait :)

the soliloquist said...

I was tempted to say "aww" in the last post but I didn't.

And this is so much more than 'aww'.:)

bodhisatwa said...

like. wow.
I saw a lot of things coming from you.
I saw you acting, I saw you cracking the JUDE exam, I saw you breaking up with the terminator, but i did NOT see this coming.

To be honest, [yeah!], I dont remember jackshit about hogging the tricycle. I DO remember going out to play wearing your skirt, but I try to forget it every single day of my life.


What I do remember is you being aloof, and somehow still being there.
What I DO remember is you saying I couldnt do the play, couldnt go to Delhi.

Secretly hoping and knowing I would.

I have three strengths and 2 weakness.

My strengths: dad, ma and you.
My weaknesses: Divya and mutton.

Sometimes, though, not in that order.

I'm guessing this post wasnt just written so I could read it. [why write it in a blog then?]
It was written so your friends could too.[I dont know who they are]

So in a way, the comment I'm writing is meant for you.
And you guys [the ones reading it]

Thanks Tuna.
For the cakes, the shakes and the breaks.

Thank you.

divya said...

As i keep saying 'like brother,like sister!'
Always always beautiful with words....every alphabet was worth reading again & again!

Fishy! said...

@ Joe BR: Heh. Glad to see you think so. *hugback*

@ The Soliloquist: You and your 'Aww's! :P

@ Bodhisatwa: Pfft- you did NOT see my cracking the JUDE exam- you always said I wouldn't get in. Hehe. Muah.

Fishy! said...

@ Divya: Thank you, Bhabhiji! But he is a lot more beautiful with words than I am. :P

little boxes said...

i wish i could write something like this...
it must be a great feeling!

Wolfie Mozart said...


Elendil said...

I feel exactly the same way about my elder sister :) The kids without older siblings have it bad.

Fishy! said...

@ Little Boxes: Thank you, but this is just ordinary writing- straight from the heart. :)

@ Wolfie Mozart: :D

@ Elendil: I agree wholeheartedly.

The Observer said...

Damn. I wish I had a sibling. :(