Monday, 13 October 2008

Fight Club.

I started watching Fight Club last night, with, to be honest, pre-conceived notions. I'd heard about it from friends, and I thought it was one of those movies that glorified violence, the type whose philosophies I wouldn't agree with, the kind whose portayal of blood and gore would make me feel queasy. But twenty minutes into the film, and I was riveted. And by the end of it, I was blown away.
If you're the type for romantic comedies, take a break from the You've Got Mail's and 13 Going On 30's. If action-packed thrillers are your type, pause Transformers for a while. And if you get high on horror, switch off Hostel for the time being. Because this is one movie you MUST watch.
It doesn't glorify violence. Its blood and gore didn't make me feel queasy. But the movie was mindblowing in a completely different way. It talks about one man, played by Edward Norton, who is absolutely frustrated at his life. He meets Brad Pitt, who changes his life. The movie talks about an entire generation of men, aggravated and discouraged at their own lives, with no sense of direction, depressed and practically emasculated, and how their lives find meaning with Fight Club.
You must watch this. It's one movie that is worth watching, I guarantee it. Earlier on, I thought Brad Pitt couldn't act, that he was merely eye-candy in most of his roles, but this movie has totally changed my opinion. He was fantastic. Edward Norton's acting was pure genius as well, and Helena Bonham Carter was impressive.
The ending is... well- stunning. I was left with no words. It comes and hits you in the face. For those of you who have seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about. For those who haven't, I won't give the ending away.
There is a dialogue in the movie, which is "Only after disaster can we be resurrected." It's frightening how true that really is.
Go. Watch the film. I'll give you a copy if you want. But watch it. It's definitely worth a watch. I promise you.


Joé B R said...

Hey there was this other line which is brilliant as well dunno if you noticed it in the film, but it's on the dvd cover.

"How much can a man know about himself if he's never been in a fight?" - Tylor Dyrnt

or summin like that :P

Fishy! said...

Oh yeah, I remember that one. Pretty darn brilliant, I agree.

Joé B R said...

how about that sequence at the beginning?

"I want you to hit me AS HARD AS YOU CAN."

You've officially put me in the mood for the film again :D

Joé B R said...

Ufff, just realised I messed up Pitt's screen name
It's Tylor DURDEN, not Dyrnt
Dear dear! :P

Soapsuds said...

eto derite dekhle? I saw it long time back and it had a similar effect on me. but I watched it knowing it would be brilliant. Norton was always one of my favourite actors and Bonham Carter...well....that woman can act!

little boxes said...

now i see the reason behind your gtalk status :)
it's an awesome film and i love that part where tyler says...never be complete,stop being perfect,I say lets evolve...
or something like that!

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

strange, i just got hold of the dvd today and then i read this.

Ricardo Bolstein said...

Rule number one:-
You don't talk about fight club.

Ricardo Bolstein said...

then again read the novel if you already haven't....
Gradually you will realize that somewhere close to your heavenly abode, a whole troop of space monkeys are being trained.
this is no paranoia

In tyler, we trusted.

Ricardo Bolstein said...

Rule number one:-
You don't talk about fight club.