Monday, 23 March 2009

Of Greasy Crisps And Unique Ads.

Sometimes, I get bored of these multiplexes, with their swanky decor, their shiny leather seats, and their eternally-smiling staff. I long to go back to the days when multiplexes didn't exist in the city - when we had to go to New Empire or Globe, to watch a film. I passed one of these theatres the other day, and was struck with memories - of those oily crisps and popcorn, and the slightly uncomfortable seats. And if you looked a little closely, you might have been able to see grime on the walls. Are we better off without them? Perhaps. But these were unmatchable experiences.
But you know what I miss most, about these theatres of yesteryear? I miss the advertisements they screened. The Vicco Turmeric ad, with its catchy jingle - "Vicco Turmeric, Vicco Turmeric, Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Paste!" And that ad for the beauty parlour Sangam, which ended with "Sangam... We have no branch!" - to which everyone in the audience would unfailingly chant "Thank GOD!"
Fame and Inox are all very well, but there are some things they'll never be able to live up to. Eat your heart out, you multiplexes with your flavoured popcorn and plush leather seats!


Reeti said...

Yes, I thought about this too. Good blogpost :)

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

i agree! and i absolutely loved scoop, the icecream parlour at New Empire. They had a sundae called Moonlit Magic or something, which was stupendous.


supertramp said...

Very true. I always think the multiplexes are a bit too high-nosed, too cold, too snobbish.
but you do know that new empire, with its grimey walls, bribe-hungry attendants, uncomfy seats are still there! :)

And you know an ad I really miss? Lichhad papad.

Monidipa said...

also, the meri desh ki dharti ad? i forget which newspaper it was for, but that ad somehow always made me happy! :D

little boxes said...

omg...the sangam ad!
actually the audience went "thanks god!"
and the other song was "vicco turmeric...nahi cosmetic.vicco turmeric ayurvedic cream"...
and the bengali films had adi dhakeshwari ads.
thanks for bringing back so many old memories :)

Astraeus said...

another trip down nostalgia lane.
Loved it :-)

Magically Bored said...

@ Reeti: Thank you. :)

@ Doubletake, Doublethink: Oh yes, Scoop was awesome. The French Fries there were pretty brilliant too.

@ Supertramp: Lichad papad? I don't remember any such ad. :(

@ Monidipa: Ditto for Desh Ki Dharti.

@ Little Boxes: Haha yes, the audience's chat was unmissable!

@ Astraeus: Thank you. :)

Minka said...

Somebody recently went to New Empire and told me that Scoop has been renovated.The walls are now painted in blining shades of pink and green.
And Tuna,if u miss the Vicco ads that much ,you should just ask me to sing the tunes for you.I always remember ad jingles!