Monday, 27 April 2009

Of Curses And Cold Coffee.

I think there might be some curse over my head. Or maybe some evil spirit floating around. No, I'm not going all weirdly religious or Tantric, but strange things have been happening. First came that whole burglar-bomb incident on Friday night, which was too traumatic - I don't want to go into that again. If that wasn't enough, the next evening, there was another bomb discovered, right in front of of the house opposite us. Enter the Police and the 'Bomb Squad' again, who ran a metal detector over it, frowned at the rather worrisome beeps, and then packed it up and drove away. How much must we deal with? And I always thought my locality was such a quiet, harmless one.
Then, today, I walked out of my house and was halfway to the auto stand before I realised I had forgotten to take my purse! Big deal, you think, sometimes everyone forgets to take something or the other. But that's the issue. I never forget. At any given point in time, I am always carrying my wallet, my phone, my keys, a notebook and pen, and mint. I always, always leave home with those bare essentials! A slip-up like this isn't a good sign.
Anyway, after I remembered I'd forgotten the purse, I went back and got it. No harm done. But nothing had prepared me for the auto-accident.
That happened near Lake Gardens. The auto-driver rammed head-on into one of those small lorries. (I think a tempo?) The funniest thing was: I was looking ahead, I saw the tempo coming at us, I knew a crash was going to happen, and it all seemed to happen in slow-motion. My mind went absolutely blank, I felt numb. Everything went blank, save for this really surreal feeling. The crash was a pretty bad one - tremendous jerk, a bit of skidding, but no serious injuries, thank God. The shock wasn't easy to deal with. I made my way to college somehow after that, avoiding the crowds that gathered. Right now, I'm thanking my stars we didn't crash into something bigger, like a bus or maybe an actual lorry. If that were the case, I'd actually be dead now, or seriously injured, God forbid.
Like I said, maybe there's some curse on me. Or maybe it's just a bad time. Life does happen in phases. There are good moments, and bad moments.
But ah well. There are things that make up for the bombs and the accident. The good, or dare I say, great moments. Like Cold Coffee and extra sachets of sugar. Like lots of shopping and chitchat. Like gifting a dokra fish to my mother. Sometimes, life's really worth living, and all the auto accidents and bombs in the world can't change that.


The Prophet said...

Interesting week you're having.

little boxes said...

take care...
and god bless :)

Priyanka said...

this is like a normal week for me. the malfunctioning with autos and the forgetting of wallets, i mean. you're doing a good job of being a follower. pretty soon you shall be converted.


the soliloquist said...

Yes, life does happen in phases.
Let's hope your 'badphase' is over. Or you have to get those weird squiggly stone rings to keep off shani and suchlike. :P

On another note,you're safe.ThankgodThankgodThankgod.
And we'll always have coffee. :)

Magically Bored said...

@ The Prophet: To put it mildly, yes.

@ Little Boxes: Yes, thanks.

@ Priyanka: Well, then, you're used to it. I, unfortunately, am not. I don't think I even *want* to be! :P

@ The Soliloquist: Yes, we'll always have coffee. And post-its. And girl-talk! :)

Astraeus said...

gosh, shuddhi puja kora . lol

but seriously speaking i do hope yu take care and this passes by soon

storyteller said...

Yes yes coffee, and momos and ice tea and all the nice things in life,don't you worry.*majorly big retarded hug*

Monidipa said...

we're all going through bad times it seems (exceptionally bad, that is. the exams are bad enough). i read a saddening post on shreya's blog, and i've been reading yours for a while. about me, the lesser said the better.

let's all get together and go weird-stonestudded-fortune-ring shopping, yes? (okay, lame attempt to cheer you up.)

Vagabond said...

take care!

ahona said...

Well you can look at it this way:
You forgot your wallet, you didn't lose it!

I have lost money, spilt water and ruined 3 notebooks full of this semester's notes(completely ruined),lost a library card, and also lost a wallet.

Also, the bomb and auto incidents: don't think about it. Que sera sera. I think you're going to have a very long and very happy life full of cold coffee and the works :)

Rene Lacoste said...

I second Astraeus-shuddhi puja needed. You should go to one of those tantrik characters you know..

Magically Bored said...

@ Astraeus: Yes, thanks.

@ Storyteller: And chocolate cake. And pasta. *sigh* :)

@ Monidipa: Oh yes, definitely!

@ Vagabond: Thank you.

@ Ahona: Haha, well, you seem much ahead of me!

@ Rene Lacoste: Will keep it in mind. :P

Thoughtless Wanderer said...

ahh..exciting i must say. :)
btw,i've been following your blog for quite some time now. :)
its really good!

Magically Bored said...

@ Thoughtless Wanderer: Thank you. :)