Saturday, 4 April 2009

Tempus Fugit.

Yes, time flies. The days are fast fading, blurring into one another with an intensity that is frightening. Classes, work, work, and more work seem to be all that make up my life now. The heat suffocates me, how long can Iced Tea be my saviour? And then, sometimes, that little breath of fresh air comes, the one that I am unsure of, the one that I am confused about. Sometimes I wish certain things could be better explained, or even a little clearer, but then again I think that perhaps this is a "Que sera sera" situation here. Yes- I suppose "Whatever will be, will be."
Life is a wild haze now, with colours, events, and people all blending into each other - there's only so much I can make sense of.
Thank God for my friends, for they keep me sane.
Photo courtesy: Rimi-di, taken on the JUDE picnic in 2008. I posted this because it seemed so apt, somehow.


ahona said...

But you know, Tuna, somehow it's frighteningly exhilarating at times, and at others, so pointless.
But it's true. Thank God you have friends who keep you grounded. There are some who have friends only in the head. Now think what those poor unfortunates feel when they see such a photograph as the one you have posted. :D
And yes, I rather love your blog too.

little boxes said...

Let yourself loose in that haze...maybe it'll take you somewhere good :)

storyteller said...

Buy me ice tea tomorrow,that is so random but do!

Magically Bored said...

@ Ahona: Yes, thank God for friends. Indeed.

@ Little Boxes: Yes, maybe. Sometimes, it's a little scary, though.

@ Storyteller: Yes, shall. :)