Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Love, Concern, Fear, And All The Rest Of It.

Tomorrow, I am getting Pickles spayed. Probably it's nothing to worry about, it's not a major operation, but I can't help feeling twinges of worry. I hope she gets through it fine.
Just excessive panic, perhaps. But I do love her so so much. I've had her since she was a little kitten, she literally grew up in my arms, and she curled up into my hair while sleeping. Now, she doesn't sleep in my hair anymore, but right beside my pillow.
Perhaps I would be better off panicking about the exams, but exams be damned. Pickles is more than a pet - she's part of me. And I hope everything goes okay tomorrow.


Monidipa said...

lots of luck, both to you and pickles! and wow, that bedsheet? is just like something my mum has.

Vagabond said...

Everything will go okay tomorrow. * hugs *


Mer-curial-maiden said...

Best of luck! Things will be a-okay, don't worry.
And do all kittens curl up in your hair? This little one chews on my earlobe all the time too. :D

storyteller said...

The picture be awweness, and am sure Pickles will be all ok! *hugs*

little boxes said...

how did it go?
best wishes.

Priyanka said...

hope it went well?

Magically Bored said...

@ Monidipa: Thank you. And similar bedsheet taste? Heh.

@ Vagabond: Thank you. :)

@ Mer-curial-maiden: Thanks, don't know whether all kittens curl up in my hair, this one did. :P

@ Storyteller: Thanks. *hug back*

@ Little Boxes, Priyanka: Went rather well, she's okay now, just a little groggy, and moving very slowly. Will require good post-operative care.