Sunday, 31 May 2009

Thoughts On A Sunday Night.

Before, Sundays were always a lazy day for me. I used to spend them doing nothing at all - perhaps a bit of music, a few pages of a book, but mostly just lazing around. Right now, I can't remember the last lazy Sunday I spent. There's just so much stuff to do - so much work, so much reading to catch up on... Today, I spent the morning cleaning out my study-table, and I will get to my cupboards next Sunday. I like cleaning stuff. Yes yes, you may say I have OCD, but I feel so much better when things are clean and properly settled.
I am really looking forward to next semester, in spite of the fact that we have 4 Honours papers to get through. ADG will be coordinating the Detailed Study of a Shakespeare Play course, so woohoo. Tintin-da will be coordinating Modernism, and I am also taking Popular and Genre Fiction in the 19th Century, which promises to be really interesting. (Anything that has Dracula and Through The Looking Glass in the syllabus will be great!) Then there's Modernist Prose, I really like Shantanu-da's teaching, so that, too, should be good. Yes, next semester will be difficult, but it also sounds really appealing, and I plan to pay a lot more attention to academics this time.
(Yes, you can laugh now.)
Moving on...
I went shopping last week, bought lots of random stuff - pasta, mushrooms, Iced Tea powder... This week, I shall go shopping again, to buy a couple of notebooks and a few pens, and of course - anything else that captures my fancy. I fear I am turning into a shopaholic. Very soon, I shall be broke. *sigh*
Sometimes, I feel insecure about myself. I wish I were artistically gifted. I wish I could paint wonderful pictures, or take amazing photographs. I wish I were musically gifted - I've always wanted to learn the violin, I tried, but I have no musical talent whatsoever. Sometimes, I feel hopelessly inadequate, but Obelix just jumped onto my lap, and I'm instantly feeling much better. I'm reminded of how lucky I am, that I am fortunate to have a great life, interesting work, a lovely family, fantastic friends, and as for gifts - well, I can wiggle my ears. How many people can do that?


little boxes said...

Oh i took that Pop Fic course too.believe me,it's a whole lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

detailed study of a shakespeare play taye kon play thkabey?

i took that optional once where Suk C taught Macbeth.

Rene Lacoste said...

You might just have to register

Mer-curial-maiden said...

I can't :( is it something you can learn?
Oh, and I'll probably see you in Pop Fiction. :D

the soliloquist said...

You are still notbroke?

Brainless said...

Sunday night for me is seeing a movie and brooding over glasses of ice tea

Someone has become a shopaholic. Don't deny .........O___O

Now you write so well. I won't be surprised if I see a book of yours getting published. :)

PS:Inspired from you I have started my own movie review blog *grins*

Magically Bored said...

@ Little Boxes: Yes, I am looking forward to it. :)

@ Bhooter Raja: Not sure, last year, A Midsummer Night's Dream was done, but we did that in our first year in the Literature And Other Arts course, so I guess we'll have a different play. But you/were are in JUDE? I have no idea who you are. :P

@ Rene Lacoste: I saw that. Heh.

@ Mer-curial-Maiden: I'm not sure. I guess I was born with it. *tries to gloat* :P And yes, shall see you in the course.

@ The Soliloquist: No, but I shall be, soon.

@ Brainless: Err, thank you. I shall check the movie blog. Keep it up!

Brainless said...

oh thanks a lot....:)

visit my profile and click on cinemakhor..

that's it... :)

Astraeus said...


storyteller said...

This seems like fun, and lend me some money? And agrees with Sohini, you're still not broke?

Sia said...

Obelix? :D

Magically Bored said...

@ Astraeus, Sia: Obelix is one of my cats.

@ Storyteller: NOW I'm broke. :P

weevil girl said...

I CAN WIGGLE MY EARS NANANANANA but thats like the only thing in your IMLUCKY list that applies to me :/

reading your blog is funn.