Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Because I Like Bullet Points.

  • I watched Julie & Julia last night. The movie reminded me just how much I like cooking, how food makes everything worth the while. And now I want to live in France for at least a couple of years.
  • Am reading Mulk Raj Anand's Coolie. It's a good book, well-written, but somehow I'm having trouble sticking to it for long periods at a time. However, I have resolved to finish it - I leave too many books unfinished nowadays. No more of that.
  • I have so many movies to watch, and so many books to read. Everything is piling up. Soon I'll be like Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty, who was nearly drowned in Post-It prayers, except I'll be surrounded by mountains of DVDs and books.
  • Delhi-bound on the 25th of March, with Ma! I can't wait to see my brother and my sister-in-law, and their cat. I'm counting down the days till I get on that plane, and fly off to my brother.
  • Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is coming to theatres soon. I am excited, can't wait to watch it!


Poo said...

I loved Julie and Julia, it made me want to rush over to the kitchen asap and cook up a storm. I have phases where I leave books unread, I hate it, I hate not finishing something I started. Yay for Delhi, have laods of fun and shop a whole lot!

storyteller said...

You'll Live in France, me in Italy :) We'll take nice summer vacations,cook,take pictures and drool over hot European men :P

Magically Bored said...

@ Poo: Yes, I plan to shop loads. :D

@ Storyteller: I want to live in Italy too, for a bit! :P

Arse Poetica. said...

j'adore le francaise! and you too! plis cook for me? :P

Magically Bored said...

@ Arse Poetica: Of course. :-)