Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Again it comes. Again
The dissatisfaction and the dilemmas. The grappling with my sense of morality and justice.
I'm so sick and tired of what goes on around me. Sometimes I think we're doomed, we're ALL doomed, and that there's no point in any work, in any effort, in any social campaign. For the most part, I'm banging my head against a wall, screaming at people on the other side to listen.
People are so goddamn apathetic, so lazy and so bloody unprofessional. Social change is something that's optional, something that is expected to automatically come while they sit pretty, complaining about how this country is headed downhill, the ironic part being that they won't lift a finger to do anything. 
Either that or they're pretentious, acting like they own the whole world and can therefore be flippant about other people's feelings.
Well, let me tell you people something. Everything you do comes back to you, so go ahead, put up Facebook notes and pat each other on the back for being able to read into something that wasn't meant for you in the first place. It'll all come back to bite you and then we'll see, yeah?
And feelings, feelings that I thought would never go away, but they have - and I'm not sure whether to feel happy or sad, or even disappointed. 
The evenings are so nice and breezy, but somehow I never get to enjoy them. Life seems to have overpowered me with all its demands and responsibilities, and I have the vague feeling I'm not doing well enough, or going fast enough. I need a break, I need to STOP! for a while, just sit and catch my breath, but there isn't even time for that.


Reeti said...

Catch your breath, relax and don't get disillusioned :)

Don't work so hard, take the weekend off and watch some movies with popcorn. Always helps!

Astraeus said...

oh reeti you're so optimistic, but the world is such a hard hard place with horrible, people around us waiting for the fall, waiting to see us trip, read an esoteric line and call you fascist, but thats how it is

It'll be ok, brinda (not that i have read the note in question)

storyteller said...

Thank you Tuna :)

little boxes said...

all this makes sense.

Magically Bored said...

@ Reeti: I took your advice. It helped. :)

@ Astraeus: You're very correct. People are quite nasty that way. One mistake, one slip - and you're laughed at/ridiculed/ or even abused for challenging norms/hierarchies.

@ Storyteller and Little Boxes: <3