Friday, 8 July 2011

Day 27: The Most Surprising Plot Twist Or Ending

Roald Dahl is the unsurpassed master of plot twists. If you've read stories like "Skin", "Lamb To The Slaughter", "The Way Up To Heaven", "Mrs. Bixby And The Colonel's Coat", or even the very common "The Umbrella Man", you know what I'm talking about. Of course, My Uncle Oswald is simply fabulous as well - coarse yet so humourous the vulgarity is forgivable! (Simply a must-read, this one.)
Most recently, I loved the plot twist in Jeffrey Archer's Only Time Will Tell
I couldn't decide on a particular story or book to put in here, there are just so many contenders, thanks to Mr. Dahl! So sue me for cheating. :|


little boxes said...

if id id this tag, I'd put Christie's "Murder of Roger Ackroyd" under this tag.
read it sometime. you'll know what i mean :)
but i agree wholeheartedly on Dahl.

Magically Bored said...

@ Little Boxes: Of course I have read it! We did it for our Crime Fiction course. But I'd read it before that. It is really good, had actually considering putting that as the answer but I've already put another Christie book (And Then There Were None) in another part of the tag. :)

Anoo. said...
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Anoo. said...

I thoroughly agree. Read 'My Uncle Oswald' a few days ago :)