Thursday, 29 March 2007

The First Entry!

What do I write about? What should I talk about? My head was filled with thoughts like these, just minutes after I had created my own blog. And then: did it matter? Would anyone read it anyway? Wouldn't I be classified as "just another of those jobless bloggers"?
I bugged a certain Grizzly to give me topics. Rejected one after the other. And then he suggested writing something for all the people I'm going to miss after school. And that got me thinking... And that, in turn, got me writing.
So here is a short something for all my friends. We have done everything together- read Enid Blyton, talked about movies, gossipped about everyone under the sun, gone to fests, participated in them, discussed in hushed whispers the much awaited "first kiss"... And this is for them. The people I will miss after I pass out this year. (It's not in any particular order, though- I'm just writing as they come to my mind.)

AAFREEN - Those Political Science classes- will they ever be forgotten? I hope not. Here's to your 'stories', your heated discussions about anything you believe in, and to Spectrum, of course! For we haven't been friends for a long time- just since Class VI, I think- but we have had nice moments, haven't we?

ALOKITA - My eternal Nightshade... From stealing your pencils and erasers in Lower Infant, to reading Mr. Twiddle under the desk, from doing disastrous Impacts to doing a pretentious play, from crushing on various guys to bitching about the same ones a month later- we have truly done it all. May you find a real-life Georgette Heyer!
P.S. - We still owe each other a kiss!

TANIMA - My best friend through thick and thin. She was the one I bored MOST with all my talk about Kshitij and his deodorant, and then later, about Saikat and our 'amazing connection'! I have crashed at her place every once in a while, she has called me up at random times to talk, we have had funny 3-ways with Ritu on MSN Messenger, she has ragged me at every possible opportunity, and as always- I usually do not understand what she's talking about at any given time. But we have gone through too much together, too much to talk about.

NAMRATA - My strangest friendship ever- it has been with her. She is probably the only person to have had hated me like a worst enemy, and loved me like a best friend. Class XI and XII brought us closer. And now she is one of the people I shall miss most after leaving. My partner for bunking, passing notes, and the eternally patient listener- a true best friend.

TANYA - The famous '95th percentile'! Her shoulders have always been there right in front to feel up! The girl with the most attitude, and probably the most amount of brains- that's Tanya for you. Never minces what she says- be it good, bad, or ugly- she is, like me- thoroughly in-your-face. And yes, the sweetest smile ever.

PRIYANSHI - We have had our bad moments, and our good ones. From JG's Elective classes, to 'Pocha Cake' during Spectrum, from bad Impacts to "You probably TRIGGED it!", this has also been a friendship worth remembering. Pansy- the girl with the golden voice and the platinum pride.

TAPASYA - To the friend who never bathed, never tied her hair, and never washed her uniform- and yet still managed to get one of the nicest guys around! I marvel at the power of miracles. No one- not even me, has been able to surpass her bad attendance or her phakibaji! And here's to your Economics Honours!

SHABDITA - The girl I loved to hate. Need I say anything more? A short and sweet friendship, and hopefully one that will continue. Love you, Shabs!

RITIKA PATNI - Our aspiring lawyer! The girl with different earrings, oodles of attitudes and confusion, and readiness to bunk any kind of class! Remember the day we managed to get out of school, go to CCD under the pretext of writing an Impact script, and then had nothing to show at the end of the day? Good times!

DHARA - My 'dim-witted pretty other half' - in Tanima's words. I have just three words for you- "How is Kashyap?"

PRIYANKA KUMAR - My co-scriptwriter, the best one I could ever have asked for! This is one girl who understands me like few others, and one girl who can give me an inferiority complex with her English- again, like few others!

ANNESHA SIL - The eternal Retard, the spoilt brat- whose house we landed up at for kebabs and 'Impact Practice'. When is my private farewell?

SHWETA SEN - The shamajik projapoti of our school. I have not known her too well, but she still remains one of my most favourite juniors. A guest appearance in school, and regular appearance at Venom- she rocked as Park Street!

WAMIKA MIMANI - "How art thee, Mrs. Norris?"

And that, as they say- is that. I shall miss you all. But we will keep in touch, won't we? WON'T WE????!


fixx said...

hey fishy!!

i should've been longer!!!!but seriously gonna miss ya..and buffalo too.. irrelevant banter btw is puuuuurrrrfect!

Tapashi said...

Very insightful! and totally amusing!cheers!

Rijoy said...

hmmmmm very well written.

dhara said...

very cute...but u bitch..u had 2 mention sumthin lik dat 4 my thing na??
but its very cute...n wil really miss u...

wamika said...

very shweet n touching..i'm glad the name's stuck to miss ya loadz n fer a change i mean it wen i say tht!!

shabdita said...

TUNA!!!!! awwww i'm come u spared me nd didnt mention "Matthews".... lol...but will mish ya loads....have told u tht oodles of times. infact i miss bunking nd sh!t wid u guys already

little boxes said...

hey i guess...all of us here can identify with that one....god bless

Priyanka Kumar said...

this is a tad late, i know, but you have a blog?


Priyanka Kumar said...

but you said nice things about me. blesh you.

Vipul Chhajer said...
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Vipul Chhajer said...
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Ritika said...

tuna!!! :)
landed here through google
don even ask how....
brought back memories of school
miss ya !!