Friday, 30 March 2007

First Kiss

The much awaited first kiss.

I smile. And smile. And then smile a little more.

(And it wasn't mine, by the way, in case that's what you were thinking...)


Anonymous said...

think i know hu it is, nam right?? of course!

Achluophobia said...

Point 1: Even if it is the person aforementioned in the post, what is it to you?

Point 2: Your anonymous, so we can safely say you don't want yourself revealed for making such a comment. Why is that?

Point 3: Anonymous people such as you, who are too pusillanimous to make a comment with their names should be flogged in public, if found.

Point 4: About the post, I agree with Fishy! First Kisses are beautiful, in their own way. Makes everyone want to smile when they think about it