Saturday, 7 April 2007

Awww... Puchu!

Whenever I tell people that I prefer cats to dogs, they give me a wide-eyed look of surprise, mingled with disgust and horror. They say, "Cats? How can you like those disgusting animals? They're so.. so... ICKY!"

This post is to honour all cats around the world. Some misconceptions about cats I now proceed to clear up.
Cats are dirty: No, cats are NOT dirty. In fact, they are exceptionally clean. Where dogs have to be bathed regularly, cats clean themselves. And that's on an average, atleast three times a day. Hence, cats are cleaner than dogs!
Cats are selfish: Cats are NOT selfish. Treat a cat properly, and it will be nice to you.
Cats are not much fun: Cats ARE fun. Most definitely. Ever waved a ball of wool around in front of a kitten? Ever teased a cat and made it stand on its hind paws to beg for a piece of fish? No? Then how can you say that cats are no fun?
Cats are not affectionate: Cats are VERY affectionate! When they feel cold, they come and curl up on your lap. All my cats have religiously slept near my feet... It's the most amazing feeling in the world. And pregnant cats are in a class of their own- carrying kittens seems to make them more affectionate than usual!

So all those who say that cats are a waste of time- you are wrong. You have simply not taken the trouble to know a cat properly.Cats have different kinds of personalities just like us humans. Knowing a cat takes patience. Making it love you takes even greater patience.
And that's my cat in the picture. (Her tongue is out because she forgot to put it back into her mouth after cleaning herself!) Her name is Pickles, but I affectionately refer to her as 'Puchu". She was brought home from Guppy's college, a tiny little orphaned cat, curled up in Guppy's hanky. Dirty fur, scrawny- ribs poking out, but the most beautiful thing I had seen. Now she is almost two years old, as fat as can be, extremely furry, and still- the most beautiful thing I have seen. She has the prettiest eyes ever. Pickles has grown up in my care- I fed her, stroked her, and put her to sleep at night. She would snuggle up near my head, bury herself in my hair, purr loudly, and drift off to sleep. And now she loves me the most. It is in my lap she curls up whenever she wants to be cuddled. It is to me she comes miaowing if she's hungry. And it is near me she sleeps, most of the time.
Pickles is the family cat- but she belongs to me.


fixx said...

what a waste of blog space

little boxes said...

hey not really...that was cute...

Pujarini said...

Dear fix"x",
take a HIKE("e").

Dear bedatri,

Dear Tuna,
i think i'll get a kitten myself. :)

shreya said...

god thank u! i'm so sick of people callin my cats bad names when they are the dearest things in the whole world!

faithless the wonder boy said...

the cat revolution has already begun.

Lucid Darkness said...

Aw.. I think ALL animals are wonderful!

And I'd LOVE to have a pet...*mutters something about Mum's gnlkgjljgl*

And your cat is very adorable. XD