Monday, 23 April 2007

Simple Pleasures

My Top 10 Pleasures (in random order)

  1. Having a really good bath, feeling squeaky clean, and then getting all dressed up to go out somewhere. 'Coz I know I look nice!
  2. Listening to a really good song, or watching a really good movie.
  3. Being with family- eating out, going to watch a movie, or even just vegetating at home.
  4. Saikat- thinking about him, talking to him, being with him. Basically anything and everything about him.
  5. Being with friends, talking to them, or going out with them.
  6. Having a cat curl up and purr on my lap.
  7. A simple sweet kiss.
  8. Writing something good- a poem, a story, even a blog entry!
  9. Shopping- buying nice clothes / accessories / CDs / books / makeup.
  10. Eating something that tastes nice.


Priyanka Kumar said...

you missed out one - obsessive self-admiration.

The Alluder of Alliterations said...

well well well
what do we have here?
a fish with a cat at her feet?
how interesting

little boxes said...

nice one there!!!
acha added u on my blog roll

Pujarini said...

nice. :)
i can relate.

Joe B R said...

Pretty much like both sides of the apple then eh?