Sunday, 29 April 2007

Media sensationalization!

What is it with the Press nowadays?? They seem to be everywhere, building mountains out of molehills. They invade personal lives as if they were their own! This recent Aishwarya-Abhishek wedding (or the 'AbhiAsh' union, it has been nicknamed) has me tearing out my hair in a frenzy. So two people are getting married- what's the big deal? Why don't you leave them in peace? But no, far from leaving them in peace, we find paparazzi hounding them, and entire pages of news devoted to who wasn't invited to the wedding, what Aishwarya wore, what the Big B said, etc etc etc. News channels are not far behind, they show the same clip endlessly! Honestly, isn't anyone getting bored of this hue and cry?
And what's all this nonsense about the 'most beautiful woman in the world'? Do people really fall for porcelain looks that easily? Aishwarya doesn't seem to have too much personality, with that irritating plastic smile of hers- give me Sushmita anyday! Now that's a woman who has brains AND beauty!
The celebrities are not without blame either. They book an entire temple to themselves just so they can take God's blessings- do they own the temple? What gives them the right to inconvenience other pilgrims and make them wait in the sun?
Yes, the Press has its rights, but surely they are going a little too far? Do we really have a lack of news items that papers have to be filled up with guest lists, and sketchy tit-bits from the wedding? Jhanvi seems to have come to our aid though- giving us some news- that she was married to the Chhota B, no less! (I am too overcome with laughter at this point to continue any further on Jhanvi's topic.)
What about the Richard Gere-Shilpa Shetty kiss, that, by the way, has also been blown way out of proportion? It's just a kiss, for Heaven's sake! It's not obscene- and if we're going to arrest people for obscenity, shouldn't we arrest the whistling roadside Romeos, and the men who scratch, spit, and do other deplorable things in public? It wasn't even a kiss on the mouth... and people find it obscene? How is it, then, that these movies with numerous lip-locks get passed by the Censor Board? How is it, then, that girls are allowed to walk into nightclubs wearing skimpy rags that can hardly be called clothing? So if we're going to haul people up for obscenity, shouldn't we do a thorough job? Why are we going for half-hearted attempts?
Imagine what Richard Gere must be thinking! "One little peck on the cheek and I get arrested? What a country!"
We ooh and aah over the AbhiAsh wedding, and discuss enthusiastically every detail. We call the Richard Gere-Shilpa Shetty kiss obscene. Why are we such hypocrites?


Gobu said...

I cannot agree more ...
See this

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Soumya said...

in this day and age it matters not whats right or wrong but what makes the most money.Sex sells ,as the old adage goes. Since in India we have moral police ,we have to make do with celebrities!!!

raghu said...

phony money honey.

very predictable post..everyone will agree.

raghu said...

well i said ur post was predictable.. and phony money honey.. answers the questions you've asked in the

What is it with the Press nowadays??
So two people are getting married- what's the big deal?
Honestly, isn't anyone getting bored of this hue and cry?

and so on n on.. no offence but the post was predictable... and that everyone(ofcors everyone refers to most readers) will agree.

no offence.

Rene Lacoste said...

Where does sensibility end and sensationalism begin?