Sunday, 26 August 2007

All the world's a stage...

Have you ever thought back on memories and actually laughed aloud? Ever embarrassed yourself so much that you felt you should lock yourself away for the next three centuries? Ever had such good times that you wanted to relive them again, no matter what a fool you made of yourself?
That's what festing meant to us.
I long for the Impact practices again. The endless class bunking, the rushing off to Cafe Coffee Day under the pretext of script writing, the 'jaali' dialogues, the staying back after school, the costume decisions, the general confusion, and the actual Impact itself.
The first Impact we did was rather a good one, but we didn't win. It followed the theme of "What happened after 'happily ever after'?" What happened onstage is anybody's guess. I ended up seducing Annesha, and dancing with her to 'Rock The Party', Priyanshi got catcalls and cheers, and Aditi Kalra disrobed to show herself wearing a polka dotted shirt and jeans, and urged us on to 'party tonight'!
Somehow or the other, I always ended up with the role of either the Prince Charming (played it 3 times), or the sexy but empty-headed heroine. During one Impact, I actually endorsed Veet (believe it or not). I walked onstage, saw I was unwaxed, screeched, ran offstage, and came back and seduced the audience with "For smooth, shiny, silky skin- use Veet!"
And then there was the mother of all Impacts- the Syzygy Impact. Thankfully, I was down with chicken pox, and couldn't participate. God's grace- I call it. Shweta lost her voice, mimed everything, and Priyanshi read everyone else's lines as well as her own, forgot something somewhere in between, was prompted by Priyanka, couldn't understand her, and said a rather loud "Huhh!" into the mic!
Believe it or not, we actually won the Callisto Impact. I played Baby Doll- told you I always got the role of the bimbette! Annesha and Shweta played Bappi-da and Mithun-da- those two were just made for the roles. I remember cavorting with Shweta onstage. Shweta had some line like "You are the Apple Ipod of my eye." I rest my case.
I vaguely remember one Impact where Alokita played Yoga Bear- the all-purpose cardiovascular bear. She exercised onstage to "I Like To Move It". The very same Impact had Priyanshi playing a dead blackbuck. I don't remember much of this particular one. Maybe my memory has blocked it out.
And last, but definitely NOT the least, I went onstage for Western Music once! The team was one member short, they dragged me with them, made me the second backup vocalist, and instructed me to lipsync. And lipsync I did. Probably the most wackiest moment of my life. Correction. The second-most wackiest moment of my life. The wackiest was when we actually ended up coming 1st! I was referred to as the School Band's lucky charm after that- because that was the first time they placed 1st!
I miss festing. *sigh*
And so this post is a tribute to good old days gone by. A tribute to my Impact Team. To Shweta- the shamajik projapoti and the eternal Mithun-da. To Annesha, my favourite Retard and Bappi-da. To Priyanka- I still remember her dancing around with a stuffed toy, acting as Maneka Gandhi. To Priyanshi- no one forgets lines quite like you do. Love you guys, and loved the times we had together, no matter how embarrassing they were!


Dream Baron said...

Excuse me!!!!!!!!!!
Which year's syzygy or callisto is this????? Was this the impact or the spoof that is " Flick the Flick"????
Coz Bosco won syzygy impact for two consecutive years 05 and 06...I WAS THERE ON STAGE BOTH THE TIMES!!!!!!!

Rajarshi said...

you miss fests? i thought JU threw awesome fests?

Clezevra said...

well, the accounts sure give me no clue as to y u miss them

speedpost said...

my fabourite retard.. thanks... and copyright infringement!!!!!!!!

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

we miss you too *hugs* especially now, with bcl round the corner.

Princess Noelle said...

ha! i found this blog while googling aditi n guess what they showed? "aditi kalra disrobed" :D :D :D good work brinda!

Princess Noelle said...

oh btw, it's me Shreya (Biswas)