Wednesday, 5 September 2007

A few quick scribbles

Halfway through 'David Copperfield'. Quite liking it.
It's certainly more interesting than 'Wuthering Heights'!!
19th birthday 9 days away. I feel so old! Waah!
Mom refused to let me keep a kitten I was offered by one of my seniors. Poor kitty. I hope someone takes it in, though.
Speaking of kitties, where's Pickles? She hasn't set paws in the house for around a month. Hope she's okay. I miss her too darn much.
I am now the proud owner of three pairs of silver earrings. Goody- more additions to my collection!
I still like Orkut more than Facebook. There are waaaay too many applications on Facebook. I get a new invitation for atleast 5 everyday! Geez.
Watched 'Run Lola Run' yesterday. Good movie. Different from most.
I wonder how I would look with red hair.


Soumya said...

im downloading bedazzled crazy cat lady person thingy

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

i hated wuthering heights too. WHY no one could take an axe to heathcliff's head on a particluarly stormy day is still beyond me. why live on an inaccessible moor then?

and happy birthday in advance, in case i forget. that means i want food.

Astraeus said...

wuthering height is sooo BORING with all due respects to Bronte.

Jane eyre is much better... i like the bronte sister's writing styles

P.S: i still like Facebook better thanm orkut