Sunday, 16 September 2007

My Top Ten Favourite Smells

My Top Ten Favourite Smells -

  1. Vanilla essence. (wow!)
  2. Jasmine flowers. (so refreshing...)
  3. New books. (don't you just love the smell of the print?)
  4. Freshly baked chocolate cake. (yum!)
  5. Old Spice men's cologne. (completely intoxicating!)
  6. The air just after it's rained. (very romantic...)
  7. Citrus fruit. (unusual, but so nice!)
  8. Yardley English Rose. (elegant!)
  9. Dove shampoo. (hehe!)
  10. Potpourri. (don't tell me you don't know what it is!)


Soumya said...

how bout the smell of cooking chicken!!!!

Fishy! said...

Knew you would say that!

Astraeus said...

i love the smell of wet earth and the air after it has rained


ur posts have a very strong romantic feel to it... rene' like

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

i agree with most. smells are bhery important. and vanilla essence does beat all others :)

Neelakantan said...

The smell of Old Books rules. :P

Lucid Darkness said...

Old books.
New ones.
Clean air blowing gently over a large green field.
My guitar (heh heh :P it has a rather nice smell)
Citrus fruits yes!
Chocolate (*dies*)
Flight (erm, heh, yes, even though it doesn't make much sense)


the soliloquist said...

i love the smell of potpourri and old spice cologne ...

but of course nothing compares to the smell of print!

mojo said...

new books also new khatas!!oooh old spice!amazing,our lists totally correspond...hello smell buddy!!
burnt matches???

Dream Baron said...

how about posting something new...the smells are getting stale!!!! :-)