Monday, 8 October 2007

The absence of blog posts.

I know! I know!
I haven't blogged in a while. It's just that nothing is inspiring me at the moment.
And I really don't want to write something sub-standard just for the heck of it, just because I haven't written anything in weeks.
When I write, I want to put my whole heart into it.
That's what writing is about.
So, in the words of Alex DeLarge from 'A Clockwork Orange', "Appy polly logies!"
But, NOT "Ubbddy ubddy ubbdy- That's all, folks!"- in the words of Porky Pig!


Soumya said...

hey same here...except my last post was a rather rude one on bangla

Joe B R said...

Ha ha!
this one certainly came from your heart.
Apologies for not having blogged for so long- its a decent blog in itself.

Dream Baron said...

Dho dala,..ha??