Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The day.

Went to college. Headed to KMR. Unbelievably long walk. Waah! Filled up Fee book. Picked up Examination form. Walked to Department, filled it up with R's help. Trotted back. Got the form verified. Stood in line, munched on a Fish Chop, waited for a while, got tired and walked off. Ki hobe? If I give it tomorrow, do I have to get it verified all over again? M says I have to take a whole new form, and repeat the process! *bites nails in anguish*
Sat at Milon-da's, worried about what to write in the Christian and Classical Background test. Did that even during the test. ADG will hit the roof when he sees my answers! But thank you, S! *wink*
After college, walked lethargically back to the Information Counter. Bloody long walk. Grrr! (but there is a very beautiful rainbow in the sky!) Find out that forms can be given tomorrow. Kind man at the counter says I need not get it verified again. Yayness!
Headed with group to Dominoes. S and N's birthday treat! Yummy pizza, lots of noise, complete rubbish talk- *sigh*.. What an enjoyable evening! Sucks to the SPHS people who tried to drown out our noise by cranking up the TV volume!
On a different note, Happy Birthday to you both- have a wonderful year!
Brought home lots of oregano and chilli flakes- all the better to make my ommelettes and pasta with! *grins*
Lovely day. It rained too, and there's a beautiful chill in the air. Winter doesn't want to leave this year... Let's hold on to it as long as we can.
Point to be noted: My name, apparently, is no more... I am being called Arindam! *wails*
Another point to be noted: The Racoon Lord is such a joker! :)


:: Clouds :: said...

Even I love the oregano and chilly flakes.Yum!

*wonders* Why are you called Arindam?

Esmo said...

hey arindam...u forgot to mention breathing and blinking.!!!!!!!
but seriously..sounds like a great day...better than any ill ever have with my xav buddies..and yes..oregano livens up almost everything..even boiled vegetables!!!!!

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

i understood nothing of this post. do my tag quickly. =D

Elendil said...

They should provide complimentary wheelchairs for people standing in the lines at the KMR. What amazes me is that when you're standing in line, it really seems like it's not moving at ALL. But eventually we get there.

Fishy! said...

@ Clouds: Don't even ask... *looks mortified*

@ Esmo: I know- oregano is YUMMY! And yeah, JUDE is so much more fun than SXC. :)

@ Doubletake, Doublethink: If you ever happen to not go abroad but come to JUDE, then you shall understand. And yes, I shall do the tag. On the male character, right?

@ Elendil: I'm telling you- the line I'm in NEVER moves! It's freakin' unbelievable!

the soliloquist said...
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Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

believe me the way my board prep is going i'm going to end up giving the JUDE entrance exam anyway. think i'll get in?

Fishy! said...

@ Doubletake, Doublethink: Oh definitely.. JUDE would be a massive fool not to take you. But somehow I think you'll end up going abroad anyway. *sheds a tear and feels the pang of loss*