Tuesday, 12 August 2008


I miss him. I really do.
How long till I get to see him? Almost a year.
*another sigh*


zephyr said...

Dekhli toh last year ta - Time flies very fast; chal cheer up hun:)
*A big tight warm bear HUG*

Wolfie Mozart said...


Anonymous said...

chap nichhish keno....abar monday tei to dekha hobe amar sathe.....amay eto miss korchhish tui ?? thats why ur the no. 1 !!! ;D

zephyr said...

@raccoon lord: Uff...here comes the spoiler! Ei chhara tor onno kono kaaj nei? Get lost!:D

Joé B R said...

thank god you cleared the air somdev! i was getting worried :P

Rhea Silvia said...


@ tumpa,
*smacks on head*

*rolls eyes*

Fishy! said...

@ Rhea: Thank you so much. Your reactions to Abhi and Somdev were completely appropriate! :D

Joé B R said...

wow, teaming up now are we? :P

rukmini said...

Ki switt. :D

Fishy! said...

@ Joe BR: Absolutely, yes.

@ Rukmini: :D

Joé B R said...

chup kor! you gave up halfway through taking my trip! :P


the soliloquist said...

To quote Rookie:
Ki Switt.

Also, sokhi, jatona kahare koye etc.