Saturday, 9 August 2008

Taken Off Rhea Silvia's Blog.

I have some free time to myself, so here goes...
If I were:
A beginning, I would be: The beginning of the song 'Video Killed The Radiostar'.
A month, I would be: December.
A day of the week, I would be: Sunday. The day of rest.
A time of day, I would be: Late night.
A planet, I would be: Saturn.
A season, I would be: Winter.
A sea animal, I would be: A sea horse. (Though I quite like being a Fish!)
A direction, I would be: One that you figure out for yourself.
A piece of furniture, I would be: A classic four-poster bed of Kashmiri wood with carvings.
A sin, I would be: Pride.
A liquid, I would be: Mercury.
A gem, I would be: A sapphire.
A tree, I would be: One that stands for many years.
A tool, I would be: A pair of scissors.
A kind of weather, I would be: A soft subtle breeze that blows your hair in all directions and whispers in your ears.
A musical instrument, I would be: A violin.
An animal, I would be: A cat. (But obviously!)
An emotion, I would be: Elation.
A vegetable, I would be: A potato.
A sound, I would be: The sound of waves lapping against a beach.
An element, I would be: Water.
A car, I would be: A black Lamborghini.
A song, I would be: Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here".
A food, I would be: Kosha Chicken.
A place, I would be: Venice.
A material, I would be: Denim. Or maybe silk.
A taste, I would be: Subtle, but full of flavour.
A scent, I would be: Aqua.
A religion, I would be: I think having faith suffices.
A sentence, I would be: An unfinished one.
A facial expression, I would be: A raised eyebrow.
A subject in college, I would be: English Literature.
A shape, I would be: A triangle.
A quantity, I would be: An 'oodle'. Heh.
A colour, I would be: Pink, or blue.
A thing, I would be: A silver photograph-frame with carvings, and a family photo inside.
A landmass, I would be: An island.
A book, I would be: Haroun and the Sea of Stories.
A monument, I would be: The Parthenon.
An artist, I would be: Leonardo da Vinci.
A collection of poems, I would be: Songs of Innocence and Experience, by William Blake.
A watch, I would be: The formal kind.
A god, I would be: Working miracles.
A vowel, I would be: A.
A consonant, I would be: T.
A formula, I would be: sin / cos = tan.
A science, I would be: Chemistry.
A theory, I would be: The Theory Of Relativity.
A famous person, I would be: Living in a big mansion.
An electronic equipment, I would be: A time travel machine.
A sport, I would be: Swimming.
A movie, I would be: A Clockwork Orange.
A cartoon, I would be: DeeDee.
An explorer, I would be: The first one to pass through the Bermuda Triangle
A scientist, I would be: Sorry, I just CAN'T see myself as a scientist!
A relation, I would be: The one who brings great presents.
A river, I would be: The Thames.
An intoxication, I would be: The feeling of being held by a loved one.
Alone, I would be: Quite content within myself.
A question, then I would be: A trick one.
A hobby, I would be: Painting.
A habit, I would be: Fiddling with hair.
An end, I would be: One that made you think.


monidipa said...

i did this a year back, and now i feel like doing this again =)

isn't kosha chicken your speciality? someone who used to be friends with your brother (still is, i mean, if they haven't fallen out of touch) was praising your kosha chicken to me the other day.

Fishy! said...

@ Monidipa: Yeah, no doubt it's a fun tag. Kosha chicken is not my speciality, though I make it well. My speciality is cake-baking, something Jijo and the rest of the group will testify to. But who was praising my chicken?

SPIRITed! said...

You like trigonometry? *blanches*
Wish You Were Here is a brilliant track, so very haunting.

Fishy! said...

@ Spirited: Are you crazy?? Me and Trigonometry? We go together like petrol and toast! Heh. I just remembered that formula randomly, and put it there. And yes, Wish You Were Here is my all-time favourite song.

the soliloquist said...

I likes.I think I'll do this one. :)

Fishy! said...

@ The Soliloquist: Yup, do it. It's a fun tag! :D

Rhea Silvia said...

@ fishy,
I want cake. *pouts*

Fishy! said...

@ Rhea: And you shall get it. I plan to bake one this week, and bring it to college.