Tuesday, 23 September 2008

"Give Peace A Chance."

While we were sitting at Worldview today, this group of people holding up a placard that said 'FREE HUGS' came up, and this girl rushed forward. She proceeded to hug everyone, moving from one person to the next. She hugged all of us, without exception.
They said it was to spread the message of peace and goodwill.
It was impossible not to smile after she'd hugged us- just the way she laughed and flung her arms around us- the affection really showed, and her enthusiasm was infectious!
Absolutely unique concept, I think, and a fantastic idea. It's little gestures like these that really go a long way.
When there's violence, terror and bloodshed almost everywhere we look, we could all do with a little more love in our hearts. Cheers to this group who spread the message of love in such a delightful way.

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comfortably numb said...

I saw a video on Newsnet 2.0 on dis same concept in New York I think...its such a gr8 idea, just goes a long way in making sum1 smile:)