Saturday, 20 September 2008


There are some times, when I honestly feel closer to my pet cats than to people.
I won't say anything more, but- thank Heavens that I have Obelix and Pickles to keep me sane when people drive me crazy.


Joé B R said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joé B R said...

Me wants in along with Obi and Pick! Me wants to join the bandwagon :D
Where do I sign? :P

Fishy! said...

You're a bandwagon of your own!
(And don't act like you don't know it already.)

cyber monkey said...

at least your cats are sweet, mine just ignores me royally when she doesn't need to be fed, cuddled or brushed!

The Observer said...

Did you delete my comment!!?

Joé B R said...

Get Obi and Pick to sign up for my bandwagon then. Together the three of us can name ourselves '2 cats and a Madcap'

Joé B R said...

No, that was my comment right at the top which I deleated cuz I made shit loads of typos in it :P

Fishy! said...

@ Cyber Monkey: Oh believe me, my cats are equally selfish too, at times. :P

@ The Observer: I didn't delete your comment, I have no idea where it's disappeared! *looks around*

@ Joe BR: Stop calling them Obi and Pick! Their names are Obelix and Pickles! :P

Joé B R said...

Yeah, to you. I call em Obi and Pick. Saves time saying their name. I'm lazy, didn't yeh know?

little boxes said...

listen there is this kitty we have been nursing in college...the vet said it needs a house and lots of love!
do u need a new cat?