Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Turning 20.

My 20th birthday was a marvellous one. Right from the flood of phonecalls at midnight to the barrage of texts, from the birthday lunch with friends to all the presents, from a special letter to a lovely blogpost, from Dida's payesh to the bouquets of roses, from Ma's letter to the birthday cakes, just everything was simply lovely.
I couldn't have asked for a better day.
And to think I was dreading turning 20. Sure, I'm not a teenager anymore, but every phase ends, and a better one starts.
Thank you to everyone who made this day special, and a special thank you to Ma and Height, who brought me into this world, and gave me a wonderful life.
I love you all. Very very much.


Rhea Silvia said...


Great you had a nice day, Tuna.

Elendil said...

Just out of curiosity, who's 'Height'?

JoƩ B R said...

*massive Hug* :D
now you're talking hon!

her dad, she called him height.

Jadis said...

yayy! happy birthday.

incidentally i turn 20 today, and i so know the feeling your previous post talks about...but then again...every moment life gives you is one of its kind, and so is being 20. :)
happy birthday once again..:)

Fishy! said...

@ Rhea Silvia: :)

@ Elendil: Joe BR has already answered your question.

@ Jadis: Thank you, and Happy Birthday to you too! :)

little boxes said...

i am sure morning shows the day...
imagine how happy your 20th year will be!

The Observer said...

eye urv ew.

Fishy! said...

@ Little Boxes: Absolutely, looking forward to it all. :)

@ The Observer: Eye urv ew too.