Saturday, 13 September 2008

Midnight Approaches.

In less than three hours, I shall leave behind my teenage years, and become 20. It's not an exciting prospect. I remember how, when I was a kid, I used to get so excited about birthdays, and start counting down months in advance. How, the night before, I couldn't sleep because I was so hyperactive.
It's strange how things have changed so much. Now, I'm not even excited, to tell the truth. Tomorrow's my 20th birthday- so what? It's just another day.
People are telling me it's not that big a deal, that it's just a number, Abhijan told me I might be saying goodbye to my teens, but I'm welcoming in the best time of my life. Everyone's right in their own way. Turning 20 isn't that big a deal, it is just a number, and maybe I just am welcoming in the best time of my life.
All the same, I can't help feeling sorry that I can't say I'm 19 anymore. Can't help mourning for the teenage years that have passed me by. Can't help but wonder how Time flies by so fast.
The teenage years were a journey- one that had ups as well as downs. I saw much, learnt even more, grew up, experienced loss in its true sense, tasted responsibility, touched success... Yes, they were wonderful while they lasted.
And now, I suppose it's time to get ready to be 20. It's a funny age to be. Neither here nor there. But I suppose I shall get used to it. And maybe, just maybe, I am welcoming in the best time of my life. *grin*


Rhea Silvia said...

Happy Birthday, Tuna.

I'm too young to comment on how it feels to turn twenty, I guess, but your twenties are going to be when you finish your studies, get a job, build a life. That can't be bad, can it? And, at any rate, we'll try to make you enjoy tomorrow.

Elendil said...

Happy birthday :) And have you realized how redundant these units of time are? If we decided that a year would have say 400 days, it wouldn't be your birthday now. So don't let all this numbers crap get you down. Nothing changes overnight. And besides, you can always stay 19 in your mind. I for instance refuse to acknowledge that I am any older that 15 :P

Elendil said...

Except when I have a drink at a bar or something. Then I can proudly declare how old I am :P

fresh lime soda said...

Happy Birthday! :)

supertramp said...

Here's hoping you'll have a great year!

SPIRITed! said...

Happy Birthday! :)

*raises toast*

little boxes said...

i really cant say much about turning 20...but i am sure life will have its own gifts with this new year of your life.enjoy them.

the soliloquist said...

ah! Finally she realizes.

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Fishy! said...

@ Rhea Silvia: You 1990 born female! :P

@ Elendil: Yeah, at the end of a day, it is just a number, but I'm no longer a teenager. *sigh*

@ Fresh Lime Soda, SuperTramp, Spirited!, Little Boxes: Thank you!

@ The Soliloquist: Ei watch it, otherwise I'll put up the snap of you-know-what! *wink*