Thursday, 27 November 2008

Bombay Under Attack.

How many more innocent people have to die before our Government does something? How many more gunshots must we hear before security levels are tightened?
And how many more terrorist attacks must we be subject to before we can finally feel protected?
It's appalling how lax security is- now even the poshest of areas are being targeted. And our Ministers are still talking about "Taking stringent measures" and "Formulating anti-terror policies".
Isn't it time they stopped talking and actually DID something?
Or will they use this incident as an opportunity for mud-slinging?
Where do these terrorists come off killing innocent people in the name of God? How do they have the audacity to target posh hotels, seize police cars, and open gunfire on the public?
It's sad when you can't feel safe in your own country. Sad when not just innocent people are targeted, but the country's economy, tourism and infrastructure as a whole. And it's heartbreaking when we switch off the News and go back to leading our lives.
It's time we woke up and did something. It's time for pro-active measures, and not just talks and speeches.
It's high time this nonsense stopped. It's frustrating, it's cruel, and it's making our country an eyesore on the global scene.
My heart goes out to all those killed/injured/affected in the terror attacks.


Soapsuds said...

The need of the hour is to stand united and not indulge in petty politics which our politicians are adept at doing! And the police will now face the wrath. The result of innocent members of the minority community being tortured and made to confess to committing crimes they were never involved in. The monstrosity is shocking and it goes for both OUR government, the police AND these terrorists who think attacking innocents will prove their point. Like a great man said,
"Some people just live and love to see the world burn."

Mohit said...

The government has been ineffective for sure. The sad bit about it all is that no one really cares. "It ain't my business as long as I'm safe."

The problem doesn't lie just with politicians...What would you do about it a month from now? Would you make any sort of effort to stop it from happening?

SPIRITed! said...

Its terrifying the way people are being shot down left, right and center.
Which reminds me, just WHERE is Raj Thackeray right now?

Sayantan said...

Now this is it.Nail in the coffin.Now what? Flurry of accusations and counter accusations.We shall only see more innocent losing their lives. Yes no point in blaming the government, they are thick skinned.
Or we can declare war. And the whole international community will rant behind us.So what we can do. Nothing. We can only see people die.Till we close our eyes, shut our ears and stop speaking.

[ps:wrote a small piece on the same issue in my blog scalp friction..if u have time then please visit and comment]

Sayantan said...


I guess right now he is trying to get his government security staffs back.I hope you know he gave them up.

Mohit said...

Blog publicity eh? :P

alien said...

Insanity... that's what it is... as to where these terrorists get their audacity from.. we need look no further than our own political leadership... their actions or rather INACTIONS make them audacious... pray explain me why is afzal still alive, despite being convicted by the SC... oh wait.. don't.. i get it.. he happens to belong to a particular community.. and unless the politicians bend over their backs to accomodate them, they aint gonna win the next elections.. Blah!
As to what we can do.. a lotta things... for starters, its time the silent majority of the Muslim community speaks up... let it be known that they don't condone ats being done in the name of their faith... and how about strategic strikes against terrorist establishment in PoK...

AbhijanB said...

dyeh know what's most annoying? that all we can do is feel angry towards these dickheads and be able to do zilch. the ones who have the power, can hardly be bothered.