Saturday, 29 November 2008

Something I Rustled Up Yesterday.

I'm bored sick of Old and Middle English, and Renaissance Literature, so I turned back to my old, ever-dependable friend yesterday- cooking. Made pomfret maach for lunch, which came out amazing, prompting Ma to say that I made it even better than her.
And above- that's chicken, flavoured with tok doi, dhonepata, green chilli, pepper, chaat masala, and longkar aacharer oil.
And yes, it's my own invention. It came out rather brilliantly.
I always feel so much better after spending some time in the kitchen. The tension almost literally flows out.
Cooking is therapeutic indeed. *grin*


Anonymous said...

nice :-)

Rhea Silvia said...

nice. Far more constructive than anything I'm doing, for sure.

Moon Strummer said...
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Moon Strummer said...

Chicken looks great!
Haven't had pomfret in a long,long time! Haven't had any fish in ages, for that matter. They starve us here! :x

Tyro said...



Rohini said...

WHOA! Lalach hoti hai :D
(my hindi is rotten anyway)
And I'm bored as well. And missing you all.

Astraeus said...

u shall make a husband very happy indeed with ur gastronomic delights

Dreamweaver said...

@ Bhooter Raja: Thanks. :)

@ Rhea Silvia: Heh. At least you're studying.

@ Moon Strummer: Well, hurry up and come back so that you can have fish. *grin*

@ Rohini: Heh. Thanks.

@ Astraeus: Erm.. >looks embarrassed< :P

Mohit said...

Looks better than mess food :P

The Observer said...

Show off :(

monidipa said...

ei chickenthing'ta college'e korey niye aay? plisspliss? =D