Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Presenting my new blog, on which I shall be writing exclusively about movies:
(Yes, I have finally gone ahead and done it!)
Please visit, comment, and blogroll. Thanks!
P.S. - I don't fancy myself a film critic or anything, I just like talking about movies. You might say I like 'talking about the Talkies'!


Rhea Silvia said...

nice blog. However, *groan* must there always be pj's involved?

Dreamweaver said...

@ Rhea Silvia: Of course. PJs are an essential part of life. They make the world go round! :P

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

accha, totally unrelated, but you seem to have finally chosen a good pic of yours to put up on a public domain.

which is my mean, insensitive way of saying "nice deepee." i am like this only.

Astraeus said...


Zephyr said...

Omma gupud gupud! Nice blog. I'll blogroll. Ekhhuni :D

AbhijanB said...

stop watching films and go study for a change!!!!