Friday, 18 September 2009

Turning 21. And The Days Surrounding It.

I am now 21. Wrinkle cream, anyone? People keep telling me that I'm young (and no doubt I am), and not to obsess over it so much, but all the same, I can't help feeling a little disappointed that Time is passing me by so quickly. It feels like just yesterday that I was 13! But I guess that's what Time does, it's over before you know it.

But I have turned 21, and I am accepting that some moments are fleeing by altogether too quickly for my liking. The challenge, I guess, lies in living each moment and enjoying everything.

Thank you, Ma, for the beautiful pendant and the earrings - I know I said I didn't want anything, and really, I wouldn't have minded if you'd given me just a hug, but trust you to know how much I adore gold! How many girls get gold and diamonds on their birthday? I'm very lucky and blessed. I love you, thank you so much.

Thank you, Guppy, for the flowers. A fantastic surprise - them landing up at midnight. I'd have loved for you and Divya to be here, but ah well, everything's not possible. But thank you for doing your part to make this birthday special.

Thank you, Buri and Tuki, for being such amazing sisters, and putting up with all my idiotic comments and still giving me such great presents. I know it must have been difficult buying something for me, and I love you both all the more for putting in the effort!

Thank you, Shreya, for giving me so many gifts, I'm really really embarrassed. The bottle of Frooti was a nice touch, and totally unexpected. It's awesome having a friend like you, not just on a birthday, but for all 365 days of the year! *tighthug*

So. I'm 21 now. Woohoo. *feels important*
And as for the days surrounding it... Well, watch this space, I shall write "if and when..."

For the moment, look at some pictures.


Anonymous said...

Nije Cake khele? :(

Amar cake kothay? :x

storyteller said...

I want ze cake, no strike that out! I want to indulge in some serious pasta hogging! :|

ahona said...

vot-a-cake! :D

21 is a depressing age :( but rest assured-you look 18