Thursday, 8 October 2009

The WorryWart Speaks.

I have been rather worried lately. Firstly, Ma's not been well. She has a cyst in her back, and has to undergo surgery to get it removed. Plus the surgery's not as minor as we think it is. It involves stitches, anaesthesia, and she probably needs to stay in hospital for a few days. I've never been good with medical stuff, and this is breaking me down even more, but I am staying strong for her sake. Plus, seeing her in pain is NOT my idea of fun. I'm just praying for the surgery to get over quickly, I want her to be her usual perky self again.
Then of course, there is the Macbeth project which is due - which I am not being able to get involved with much, because of Ma not being well. I feel terribly guilty, because the others seem to be doing most of the work. *sigh*
I am also worried because I have been feeling certain stuff lately, and I'm not completely sure what I should do about it. Perhaps I should not do anything at all? And just go along with the flow? But then there are intense moments of happiness, and equally intense moments of sadness which get to me, and I worry about how I shall get through this.
But there are hot baths, cuddly furry cats, text messages, friends and cheese to get me through all the worrying. *grin*


little boxes said...

dont worry about aunty.she'll be fine
hugs and prayers for her and you :)

Mer-curial-maiden said...

Hope your mum gets better. :) Amen to that last line!

Elendil said...

Worrying is not always a bad thing. It means you care, and think about life.

Hope your mom gets well soon.

Magically Bored said...

@ Little Boxes, Mer-curial-maiden, Elendil: Thank you all for your wishes, Ma's fine now. :-)

Haddock said...

Removing a cyst is nothing to worry about. Yes it needs anesthesia and stitches but thats what surgeons are for.
Take a deep breath and it will pass.

Arse Poetica. said...

Everything is not only going to be hunky but also dory! :D

All the best.