Tuesday, 3 November 2009

It's Sometimes Hilarious...

...How funny my line of work can be. I tell you, I meet such characters! People who stand out for their sheer eccentricity, who are so extremely comical that meeting them is an experience in itself! I shall tell you about 3 of the many people I've met, and you can judge for yourself.
Number One: The Shy Interviewee (A Real Pain To Talk To)
Why grant an interview if you're not going to talk? This one lady I interviewed, just refused to open her mouth! Sure, she answered questions, but it's difficult to get material for my copy if she doesn't elaborate, you know? This woman just clammed up and said, "I don't like talking about my achievements!" Well, that's admirable, I suppose, but not when you're giving an interview.
In some context, I asked her her husband's name, to which she dryly replied, "Is that necessary?" Oh come on, why not let me be the judge of that? Plus, if it wasn't necessary, would I really be asking it? (Perhaps she was too shy to say her husband's name aloud, who knows?)
Number Two: The Over-Excited PR Man ("Wow! An interview!")
PR professionals are a dime a dozen in this country, but some really stand out. This particular one I met, while covering a L'oreal parlour and a restaurant (both accounts of which he handled) was just bounding over the place with excitement, at the thought of them being covered in Femina. He didn't stop talking the entire time, I think he asked me a minimum of 7 times whether I wanted tea.
This man was so thrilled, he even suggested I get my hair done at the L'oreal place, to which I said a shocked NO, I didn't let anyone but Asif (Transcend, TollyClub) touch my hair! He seemed disappointed, but just for 2 seconds. Right after that, he asked me if I wanted a manicure. Enough said.
Number Three: The PR Guy Who Gave The Interview On Behalf Of His Client (This one takes the cake!)
Again, a reticent interviewee, who just wouldn't talk even though I knew for a fact that her achievements were many. Her PR guy, on the other hand, more than made up for it. Not only did he tell me about her involvement in some TV programmes and an award she's recently been given, but he even told me her favourite movies, her favourite kind of tea, and the city she'd travelled to last! (To which the interviewee said to him, "Baap re, tumi toh amake besh bhaloi jano, better than I know myself!)
I tell you, it's worth it doing what I do, if not for the exposure, then for meeting these gems!


Rene Lacoste said...

You should have taken Number Two's offer :P Heck I would've taken it! (Free tha na:D)

Sugar Magnolia said...

And what IS the line of work?!

Priyanka said...

This is why you should've interviewed me instead :D

Vagabond said...

Great Post!

Magically Bored said...

@ Rene Lacoste: I get embarrassed by free stuff! :-P

@ Sugar Magnolia: Random journalism. Fashion, food, lifestyle, etc.

@ Priyanka: Haha. Perhaps.

@ Vagabond: Thank you. :-)