Monday, 21 December 2009

What Should I Say...

...To someone who can stoop so low? To someone whom I thought was mature? You proved me wrong by falling to such a ridiculous level.
I know we've had our problems, I know we didn't part on good terms - but come on, really, this? Are we 4 year old kids now?
You and I messed up things pretty badly, and maybe people think I was the one to blame, that it was all my fault. The truth is, very few actually ask for my side of the story, no one really knows what I went through, with you. And I like it that way, I'm not a particularly open person so I prefer being the oyster that no one can open. If people think I'm the heartless bitch that screwed you up, fine - I'm not going to go around bleating our troubles to change their opinions. But you made things incredibly hard for me, made things more complicated than they already were.
We had our problems, yes, and things didn't end well. But I thought even you were beyond this level.
But you know what? You have just proved yourself a rather disgusting person, by doing this. And my side of the story can die with me, for all I care. You're not even worth this blogpost, you juvenile piece of dirt, but I'm writing it anyway, just to get it out of my system.
I'm cutting you out of me - absolutely and totally. Have a nice life.


storyteller said...

Go Tuna!

storyteller said...

Although I had no clue who this was for after reading it the first time :P

Sugar Magnolia said...

I should Ctrl + C and re-post this. But yay, you. :) You're an amazingly strong person.

Fishy! said...

@ Storyteller: Haha, well, I told you who it was for. *wink*

@ Sugar Magnolia: Thank you, I like to think so myself. We all have to be strong, you know. Otherwise life makes mincemeat of the weak.

Leonardo said...

I was actually waiting for " juvenile piece of shit.." But then, you're you.

And I wonder what "Have a nice life" would really mean in such a context :P