Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Park Street - A Walk Down Memory Lane.

I spent some time in Park Street today, after ages, and I was surprised by how many memories came flooding back. Each flashback more powerful than the last.
People associate Park Street with the tempting restaurants, the party mood, and of course - the cheap alcohol served at OlyPub, but somehow - Park Street to me has always held a different meaning. I always associate it with my father, and the times I spent with him.

I remember you walking me into Paragon, that games-shop near St. Xaviers, and buying me toys. I remember you taking me to Hobby Centre for icecream. I remember the numerous lunches at Bar-B-Q, and I felt you there with me today when I went with Ma for lunch, after 10-odd years or so. I remember you buying me "Amelia Jane" books from Oxford Bookstore. And I remember you and I walking down Park Street- silent, just enjoying each other's company, after we'd watched "The Lord Of The Rings".
I miss you. But I'm glad I have the memories to hold on to.


Vagabond said...

Maybe I'm in a very vulnerable mood myself. Hmm this post made me cry. *hug*

The Orange Cat said...

I argued with my father two hours back. Reading this, I just wonder why I did so.

loonybird said...

i have fantastic memories of my father too. what i miss is his old self. but like you, i haave so many memories to cling to. those are things nobody can ever rob me of. great post..

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

OlyPub is one such place I really liked, when suddenly I saw the name I felt so happy. Well its cheap, I like the way they serve the dishes . Its neat. I had quit some moments in there, it was uninhibited fun.

Park Street is amazing, sometimes my dad used to ask me 'did you go to this restaurant and that one' ( I don't really stay in calcutta ) and he described the singers and the ambiance of those places and to my utter surprise when I visited those restaurants, I somehow found my dad's narration true. The place did not change much .Its really a beautiful place to be.

I liked the post.

little boxes said...

i have nothing to say.
just a *hug*
this is straight from the heart...and any thing written from the heart deserves a hug :)

Fishy! said...

@ Vagabond: *hug*

@ The Orange Cat: Well, hope you've made up. :-)

@ Loonybird: Memories keep you going. Thank you. :-)

@ A Benevolent Sultan For Life: Thank you.

@ Little Boxes: Haha, yes, it IS straight from the heart. *hug*

storyteller said...

Well all I can say is I really love you, * tight hug *

(Not in a sleazy way you sleazeball!)

the soliloquist said...

I really can't comment on this.
Needless to say, I love the way it's written.

the Lonestar said...
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the Lonestar said...

Tuna, your strength is something I really admire. And, I do mean it. *hug* Great post.

the Lonestar said...

You know what this reminds me of? The song, Aamar Praner Paure Chole Gelo Shey:
"Shey je chole gelo, bole gelo na;
kothae gelo, phire elo na."
I know what you meant that day :)
>a warm hug in thought<

Magically Bored said...

@ Storyteller: Aww. I love you too! And I am NOT a sleazeball! I'd much rather be a cheeseball! (Yes, sad, I know.)

@ The Soliloquist: Thank you. *hugs back*

@ The Lonestar: Yes, that's a lovely song - so poignant and deep. :-)

wide-eyed-vagabond. said...

we are strangers to each other,yet...*hug* was beautiful*teary eyed*