Saturday, 16 January 2010

Silence! The OCD Queen Speaks.

I am the laughing-stock in my circle of friends for being the girl who obsesses about every little thing under the sun, the girl who shudders at dust and inches away from dirt. I need order and method in my life, like a certain Hercule Poirot. Disorderliness gets to me. I have been called everything from 'compulsive to 'weird' and 'manic'.
How am I obsessive and compulsive? Ways, let me count thee.
  1. I don't doodle on my notebooks. Ever. My friends get scratched and screeched at if they make marks on my stationery. Even a little dot upsets me.
  2. When I'm walking, I like sticking to the square tiles, or the round patterns - of the floor. Keeping my feet inside the design of the floor gives me a strange kick.
  3. I like making lists. Enough said.
  4. I am a stickler for cleanliness. Scruffiness and untidiness upsets me. That would explain my spotless room.
  5. This is a follow-up on the previous point. I love cleaning. I think it's therapeutic. When I'm tired, or cranky, or even feeling out of sorts, all I need is to sit down and clean/dust my books, or CDs. Or even polish silver cutlery. It's an instant pick-me-up.
  6. I need proper punctuation. And proper grammar. This not only backs up my obsessive-compulsive point, it makes me a Grammar Nazi (as someone put it so well.) I expect I shall soon be ostracised from Facebook for correcting people's grammar and spelling.
  7. I like stacking things in rows or piles. The other day, at the canteen, I was stacking the tea-cups in even piles, till my friends jumbled them up. The world, I tell you, is a mean, mean place.
  8. If I'm reading, and I want to take a break, I need to reach the end of the chapter for me to put the book down. I simply cannot stop in the middle, no matter if the chapter-end is 20 pages away - I'll still read on, then stop.
  9. All the pens in my pen-stands are arranged nib-downwards. This is done so that the ink flows easily.
  10. I need all the folders in my laptop arranged in a certain way. Folder, sub-folder, then folder inside that, and so on.
  11. If one of the incense sticks I've lit during my morning puja happens to go out without burning all the way to the end, it spoils the rest of my day.
  12. When I'm cooking, I need the ingredients cut perfectly. No lopsidedly-sliced peppers, please. Or untidily chopped mushrooms.
  13. I think the Colin spray is one of mankind's greatest inventions.
  14. I get very depressed if I lose something, be it a lip balm, or be it a pen. The world almost ceases to turn until I find it again. Really.
  15. Do you notice that there are 15 points? I could have stopped it at 12, or 13. But it has to be rounded off!
In fact, the very fact that I'm even writing this post should be ample proof.
I imagine I would be a very difficult person to live with. Woe to the man who will eventually end up with me, if at all that ever happens. *sigh*


Leonardo said...

First, you should be open about things...for all you know, you could end up living with a woman(if you choose to come out of your state of denial :P)

Second, you "evenly" "rounded it off" to 15? :P

Third, (this should have been first) WHOA!

Indranil said...

rounding up would be 20 no? and what if you were readING a BOOK with no chapters? just one long thingy...

also, wow!

Brainless said...

PS: Hopefully going to be a long one

Ahem, so while reading this post of yours I found many things similar as well as dissimilar. So if you are the Queen of OCD, I have no qualms about proclaiming myself to be the warlord.:D

So here I go
1]I massacre my notebooks. Eerie one liners to long poems to sketches, my note book will be your nightmare :D
2]Ditto. I find it relaxing rather a euphoric delirium to walk and often a reason to walk a long distance.
3]Ditto. Lists and lists
4]If you see my room... well enough said, I can't proceed further or you might even delete this comment. T_T
5]Nah not ditto
6]Ditto. Bad spellings turn me off and I hate it even more when I have to correct it. Chances are high that we both might be ostracised and we have to a launch a movement for similar pariahs.
7]I have tried it. I found it boring.Telling you a secret I am not good at arranging stuffs. T_T
8]Again a ditto and a sigh
9]I don't have a pen stand. I mean I had one but lost it while I was changing room. :(
10]Ditto, ditto ditto. I love making folders and sub-folders. ^_^
11]This one goes to my roomie.
12]I don't know how to cook. T_T
13]What's that? I have a vague idea. :D
14]Ditto. I go crazy.
15]Again a ditto. "Evenly rounded"

PS 2- A question you asked me in your previous blog post....
-Am in Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune.
I didn't answered there because I did not wanted that to be the thirteenth comment. *grin*

Magically Bored said...

@ Leonardo: First, now THAT is never happening! Second, sorry - mistake. I meant, just round off. Third, yes, my sentiments exactly. :P

@ Indranil: Rounding up - mostly I do it to multiples of 5. And books with no chapters- been there, done that - I had tremendous trouble with Moll Flanders and Robinson Crusoe! Heh.

Vagabond said...
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Vagabond said...

I absolutely despise someone dog-ears pages in books instead of using a bookmark. That's one of my pet peeves.

Vagabond said...

when someone*

Divya said...

Actually, all of these points/issues/symptoms do not sum up to an OCD, clinically that is. The clinical condition is Paranoia. :D

Magically Bored said...

@ Brainless: Wow, that is probably the longest comment on my blog, EVER! :P

@ Divya: Haha, well, yes, maybe. ;)

Poo said...

Dude, seriously????? This is like reading my own blog, I've done a pretty similar post months ago. Are we related???? I LOVE Colin, its a prized possession in my cleaning kit. I even have favorite rags and for last Diwali my sister gifted me a bottle of Cif. I make lists for everything and organising things calms me down instantly. And, I label shoe boxes and jewelry boxes. OK must stop now!

Magically Bored said...

@ Poo: You sound just like my kind of person! Went through your blog, love it! Will blogroll you. :-)

Poo said...

Aww, thanks :))

shut up n write! said...

Hey just came across ur blog... luvd it...