Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Some Thoughts.

  1. After many, many months of continuous work, I finally have some free time to myself. I have quit my boring, thankless content writing job, with the intention of concentrating on this last semester's academics (or so Ma thinks) and catching up generally, on all the books and movies I have been putting off. While I still have other work to keep me busy, the absence of the regular job leaves me relieved, yet still empty. It's strange not feeling stressed. I'd forgotten what having free time feels like.
  2. This semester is turning out to be rather screwy. Just a week into it, and I'm already gnashing my teeth at the Criticism classes, and the less said about Indian Writing In English, the better. The Tempest And Its Aftermath and Literature And Censorship, on the other hand, are shaping out to be very interesting, enjoyable courses.
  3. I am now addicted to Porcupine Tree. And Foo Fighters, to some extent. Plus a whole lot of random music which I won't go into.
  4. A friend of mine asked me the other day why I like working - whether it makes me happy or whether it prevents me from being sad. He said there was a difference, and yes, I do see that there is one. I had told him it makes me happy. Now, with no immediate work to do, I can't help wonder about what he said, and what my answer would be, in the current situation...


Vagabond said...

You have Criticism Classes? Wow. What do they teach you re?

storyteller said...

blessed you are.sigh.

Leonardo said...

Yeah Tuna, what are those Criticism classes like? :P

Magically Bored said...

@ Vagabond: Not wow. They're terribly difficult. Something about signs, signifiers, and signifieds. You don't want to get into it, trust me.

@ Storyteller: Right. And pigs can fly.

@ Leonardo: *wails* You, of all people, know pretty well, I think!

Arse Poetica. said...

why don't you like criticism? :O is it the prosody? because tragedy is rather fun, innit?

Vagabond said...

@Magically Bored
I'm reading Derrida's Writing and Difference now, and I find that way better than the positivism of law, believe me.

Brainless said...

Aha,Porcupine Tree... wonderful band. I suggest you try Blackfield as well[if you have not already].That's Wilson's side project with Aviv Geffen from Israel and also No-Man where he plays the guitar.

PS:Porcupine Tree came to India on 21st December.. missed it.. :(

PS 2:Yeah criticism classes. Even I sometimes go bonkers while attending them. So now I don't attend them at all. ^_^

Priyanka said...


Leonardo said...

HAHA! Guess who was one row away from Mr. Wilson! }:)

Magically Bored said...

@ Arse Poetica: Not that I don't like it, but the course is really complicated, as in - quite different from anything we've had before. But Shantanu-da is doing a good job of teaching it, though!

@ Vagabond: Haha, good for you. Would you read Sausurre's book for me too, please? :P

@ Brainless: Porcupine Tree is my new discovery. Woohoo. Why do YOU have Criticism classes? What are you studying?

@ Priyanka: Oh, go drown yourself. Seriously. :P

@ Leonardo: Now that is totally unfair! You can't flaunt that! :(

Brainless said...

@Magically Bored:
Umm, why do I have Criticism classes? Well, because even I am pursuing English Honours. :D
And this is the last year. :(
Finals in April. T_T

Now try Blackfield. "Miss U" and "Pain". :)
But all the songs are amazing.

Magically Bored said...

@ Brainless: Oh, English Hons.? From where?

Annesha said...

I watched P Tree live. HAHA!