Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A Few Words From Gurgaon.

It's strange seeing my brother married. Having a full-fledged shongshar with a wife, a cat, and even a stacked fridge. Somewhere, somehow - Guppy grew up on me.
I am visiting him and Divya, am in Gurgaon at the moment. As I write, they're in office, and I'm alone in their apartment. Tomorrow I leave. (Ma had come too, but she left on Sunday.)
It's been an amazing trip so far. Eating out, a fair bit of shopping, playing with Lady Puchuguni (their cat), and of course - the new camera that my brother has gifted me. *grin*
Tonight, I'm making dinner for my Dada and Boudi, and a few of their friends.
And tomorrow, I fly on my own for the very first time.


Vagabond said...

Lucky lucky you!
Holiday and a new camera? Waaa.

I want a camera!!

storyteller said...

I miss you.I have so much to crib about when you get back,and more so aajke.Safe journey back home.

the soliloquist said...

You had vacation. *envy*
P.S.Put up new-cam pickchaars.

Anonymous said...

Is it a dSLR?

little boxes said...

luck you!
you made a little part of me miss delhi :(
ooo and what camera?

Magically Bored said...

@ Vagabond: Heh. :P

@ Storyteller: I am always here to listen to your cribbing. :D

@ The Soliloquist: Yes, will, soon.

@ Anonymous: No. What would I do with a DSLR? It's a Canon PowerShot A495.

@ Little Boxes: We shall meet up soon. It's a Canon PowerShot A495.

Anonymous said...

What does anyone do with a camera? Take pictures! Duh! :P