Saturday, 3 April 2010

Post-Delhi Post. (Yes, It's A PJ!)

I didn't take too many pictures in Delhi-Gurgaon this time around, because (and here comes the bored, been there-done that expression) it was my seventh time there, and well, once you're more or less familiar with the city, you just don't take that many pictures. (Add to that the fact that I'm a lousy photographer in any case.)
Anyway, we didn't go out too much, it was mainly all relaxation and spending time in each others' company. But here are a handful of pictures I did take. (On my new Canon PowerShot A495, no less!)

Lady Puchuguni inside one of our bags. She's an adorable little animal. She even 'fetches', like a dog!

Us, in Guppy's car. On the way to Galleria, to do some shopping.

Right before dropping Ma to the airport. Guppy being goofy as usual.

Ma, with her two daughters. :)

Sometimes words are just hopelessly insufficient.

But Pasta makes up for it all. This is what I cooked for Guppy, Divya, and their friends on my last night in Gurgaon.

I wish Guppy weren't so far away. I wish I could see them more often, I wish Ma didn't have to get a lump in her throat every time we talk to them on Skype. But maybe this is better - maybe the magic stays, this way - because absence makes the heart grow fonder.


storyteller said...

That sounds like a great trip.Lovely photos and congrats on the new camera :) I am lusting after the pasta now btw (as I have told you a million times before)

Arse Poetica. said...

Your pasta brought a lump in my throat ;)

but so did your post. Much love and luck to all of you. :)

Arse Poetica. said...

i.e., I covet the pasta.

storyteller said...

@Ahona- :P you are so adorable <3

Minka said...

Did u,by any chance,write this post while eating posto?
Sorry,just had to crack this one.

Magically Bored said...

@ Storyteller: I shall cook pasta for you. :-)

@ Arse Poetica: And for you too. :-D

@ Minka: Moplah, seriously, get a life. *rolls eyes* Heh.

Poo said...

Awww the kitty cat is a cutey:)) The pasta looks absolutely yum!

little boxes said...

i could relate to so much of know tuna, i have often felt that mothers are meant to get lumps in their throats on skype.there's a strange,somewhat sadistic, security in that lump.
shit,i dont make sense.
lovely post.congrats on the camera.

Sambit said...

damn. i saw the pasta thumbnail before reading the description. it looks like seashells. heh.

"Bodhisatwa" said...

all your friends suck. so much of warmth, so much of sentiment and so much of love in that post, and all they noticed/commented on was the pasta??
calcuttans and their food.

Magically Bored said...

Right. And this coming from a person who can talk of nothing but mutton!