Sunday, 11 April 2010


Right now, my backlog consists of:
  1. Four tests before the end of the semester - two for Criticism, one for The Tempest and its Aftermath, and another one for Indian Writing in English.
  2. Two term-papers to submit, one for Literature and Censorship, and another one for The Tempest and its Aftermath.
  3. One upcoming Bengal Chamber event on "Tagore and the Bengal Renaissance".
  4. The usual work - a couple of interviews, articles, plus pending content writing work.
  5. Books - Media and Violence; Sex, Literature and Censorship; Roald Dahl's Switch Bitch.
Gah. Too much work. I need 72 hours in a day. I'm feeling ill at the thoughts of those tests and term-papers. Plus exams next month. On top of all this, the heat isn't helping. I'm surviving on Iced Tea, Tang, tok dal, and shukto. Bye-bye, chicken and mutton - I really like you, but you're just not eatable in this weather.
But gah once again. Gah. I want to start swimming again. But where's the time?
Aargh, like the subject of this blogpost!


storyteller said...

why don't you stop writing blogposts and get down to the actual work?

Priyanka said...

Drop everything and go read Switch Bitch. Read Bitch first. Feel better you will =D

Arse Poetica. said...

Come swimming. Ami porte na boshe khali swim korchhi. It's helping! Aay na, swim korbo!

Esmo said...

Yess!!! switch bitch...then read my uncle oswald ...bloody brilliant books!!!!

Magically Bored said...

@ Storyteller: Yes, that would be a good idea, I think. :P

@ Priyanka: Switch Bitch was amazing. Loved it. But then, I always like Dahl's writing.

@ Arse Poetica: Yes, we shall swim together! :-)

@ Esmo: Yes, must read My Uncle Oswald also.