Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 20: Favourite Romance Book

Does Love In The Time Of Cholera count as a romance? It's certainly a love-story. The definition of a 'romance' is still a little dicey to me, especially after having studied Walter Scott's The Heart of Midlothian last semester, but it would be this work by Marquez. This is a book everyone should read - it's simple, sweet, bittersweet in parts, melancholic, poetic, almost magical in its appeal, and at the centre is a poignant love story that draws you in, not because it's just a love story, but because it's a very unconventional one that has the power to move you.


Monidipa said...

Sigh. I am going to read. I'm getting back to Marquez again.

Poo said...

Love this book, people just don't love like this anymore!

Magically Bored said...

@ Monidipa: Do, do. So worth it!

@ Poo: I know! Beautiful book, this.