Sunday, 10 July 2011

Day 29: A Book Everyone Hated But I Liked

We'd had this on the syllabus for the Victorian Literature course in PGI, and most of my classmates didn't read it, choosing to do Dickens' Bleak House instead, and the few that did read it, didn't like it. I didn't love this book but I liked it, and did think it was very intelligently written.
The Odd Women was striking among all the Victorian literature I've read, because it's one of the earliest books to discuss feminist ideals, and has very far-reaching thoughts on marriage and relationships. If you take into account the fact that it was written in 1893, it's amazing that a lot of what the book talks about is extremely relevant even today. 
For those who can get through the rather slow pace and the typical Victorian style, this book is a good read.


William Kane Rosnovski said...

Hey Brinda, how are you? It's been quite a while since I've commented on your blog but I have been following it religiously, as always :)

I tried looking for your email ID on blogger but was unable to find so. I'd be glad if you were to let me know of it in the comment box so that I could get in touch with you regarding a query I have about something (my only mode of communication - email, that is - since I'm no longer on FB). Looking forward to hearing from you soon :)

- Shreya V

P.S. - Why are there no updates on Culinary Banter? I vicariously ate through that blog :D

Magically Bored said...

Hey, how are you? I hardly ever get time to cook AND take pictures AND blog about it - so the cooking blog is pretty much defunct. But I hope to start it up again soon.

My email address is brinda.dasgupta@gmail. Drop a line there on whatever you want to talk to me about. :)

CheshireCat said...

I agree with you on this one Tuna.Oddly enough, Odd Women was quite a good read.
And of course I'll take anything over Bleak House. Anyday.

Magically Bored said...

Well, at least someone agrees with me. :)
And Bleak House. Urghh.

Elendil said...

I *loved* this book. That woman, I forget her name, is just HOT.

Magically Bored said...

Who? Rhoda Nunn?

Anoo. said...

Oh, I think most of my batch loved Odd Women. It was a good read!